Morning Rundown: Joel Osteen Post Sparks Social Media Meltdown

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Joel Osteen Post Sparks Social Media Meltdown

The megachurch televangelist has sparked some controversy on social media.

The pastor posted on X, “It’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy. You may not have a lot of resources, but if you have family, you’re blessed. If you have your health, you’re blessed. If you can look up at the stars at night, you’re blessed.”

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What Are the Unusual ‘Dyson Spheres’ That Scientists Found?

In a new study, it was discovered that there are seven stars in the galaxy which have a bizarre structure surrounding them, which have been dubbed as ‘Dyson spheres.’

This discovery has caused even secular outlets like NBC and Business Insider to question if these Dyson spheres are actually structures created by intelligent life outside of human beings.

The name Dyson sphere comes from the physicist, Freeman Dyson, who first came up with the idea of this possibility in in 1960. However, this theoretical structure appears to no longer simply be theoretical, but may have actual evidence supporting its potential.

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Christians Arrested During Worship Service Preparations

The social hammer continues to fall on Christians throughout the continent of Asia, as a group of six Christians, including their pastor, were arrested as they prayed prior to a worship service the following day.

According to Sirikoon Prasertsee, director of Human Rights Watcher for Lao Religious Freedom (HRWLRF): “The arrests took place on Saturday at Mr. Mum’s home while they were meeting for prayer in preparation for Sunday morning worship on the following day. They are currently being imprisoned in Xaibouathong District prison.”

In the wake of a new village chief coming to power, Pastor Mum’s home church has been targeted for persecution due to his Christian faith.

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