Morning Rundown: How Do We Process the Robert Morris Scandal?

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How Do We Process the Robert Morris Scandal?

Gateway Church in Dallas is the ninth-largest church in the United States, with more than 25,000 members. But the church has been reeling since June 18, when Pastor Robert Morris, 62, resigned after he admitted to sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl during his early years as a youth evangelist.

Some of Gateway’s elders have now resigned. Leaders who are still there say they were blindsided by the allegations. They knew Morris had admitted to a moral failure 35 years ago, when he was at a different church. But he had told people he had inappropriate contact with “a young lady,” and that he had stepped down from ministry for two years to get rehabilitation.

But the “young lady,” Cindy Clemishire, now a grandmother, says she was just a girl when Morris began a sexual relationship with her when he began visiting her parents’ home in Oklahoma while preaching in youth revivals. When she reached out to Morris in 2005 to ask for restitution after years of abuse, he told her in an email that she could face criminal charges for exposing him.

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Jenny Weaver Reveals Massive Ministry Announcement

Jenny Weaver gave the biggest update about her Core Group ministry to date.

“We actually got a church,” Weaver says in her announcement video with her husband, Stephen Weaver.

“We have been given land and a building. Not just one building, but there are six buildings on about 15 acres of land,” Weaver says.

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Trump Joins NFAB Leaders for Special Prayer Event

The National Faith Advisory Board is having a special call-in event in prayer for America at a time when the country desperately needs the Lord’s intercession.

Former President Donald Trump will join faith leaders such as Paula White-Cain, Jentezen Franklin, Jack Graham, Dave Kubal and many others at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 26, as they pray for America in the lead-up to the first presidential debate of the year.

As described on their website, NFAB “is a national collaboration of faith-based leaders and organizations creating generational change with a strong, uncompromising voice on the issues and policies that matter most to the faith community.”

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