8 Clues That Extremists Are Seizing Control in America

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James Lasher

It is happening all around us. Our nation is being radically transformed by people with extreme ideologies, and that should deeply alarm all of us.

According to Google, an extremist is “a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action.” Sadly, that definition accurately describes many that hold prominent positions of power in our society today. In so many cases, individuals that have political beliefs that most ordinary Americans would consider to be very radical are going to extraordinary lengths to impose their views on all of the rest of us.

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The following are eight signs that extremists are taking over our country.

  1. In Oregon, a high school track and field coach has been fired for simply “expressing his concerns about allowing biological males to compete with girls.”
  2. Officials in Seattle have decided that it is perfectly OK to hire migrants that have come into the United States illegally as police officers.
  3. Even though reservoirs are overflowing right now, bureaucrats have decided to greatly restrict the flow of water to countless potato farmers in the state of Idaho
  4. Executives at Disney seem absolutely determined to completely destroy Star Wars. In the newest series, a “coven of lesbian space witches” has been introduced.
  5. In Los Angeles, authorities are reportedly toying with the idea of “removing police from traffic enforcement altogether.”
  6. While politicians in Washington endlessly promote war on the other side of the globe to protect Ukraine’s “sacred borders,” vast numbers of people are being allowed to come flooding into this country illegally every single day. In fact, Citizen Free Press is reporting that “we may have 200,000 more Chinese men who have crossed our border” by the month of November.
  7. We aren’t supposed to question “climate science,” and many in positions of power get extremely angry when we do. As Ken Ham recently explained, the modern climate change movement has essentially mutated into a “religion” that “basically sees man as a blight upon the earth.”
  8. At a time when they should be concerned with a myriad of rapidly growing national security threats, the federal agency that oversees the CIA, the FBI and the NSA is focused on other things this month.

The top intelligence agency in the United States is celebrating Pride Month by inviting agents to have the transgender flag painted on their nails, participate in a “Pride Ally Challenge,” and learn from a “non-binary,” “Filipinx” activist who has taught children about her non-binary identity, a document exclusively obtained by The Daily Wire reveals.

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If my grandparents were alive today, they wouldn’t even recognize our country.

We now live in a society where up is down, down is up, high is low and low is high. Unfortunately, the control freaks that are running things get quite upset when anyone dares to question why everything has been reversed.

In my latest book I have an entire chapter entitled “Cultural Transformation,” and I think that phrase very accurately describes what is happening to us.

If you do not want extremists to be running things, the time to speak up is now. Because once they get total control, you won’t even be able to do that.

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