5 Surprise Responses to Gay Pride Month

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Larry Tomczak

LGBTQ parades, programs, products and promotions abound as Scripture sheds light: “They not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them” (Rom. 1:32b, NASB 1995). To help us laugh to keep from crying, The Babylon Bee tells us “There are only 37 parades daily; they’re now only represented by seven characters in every TV show; they have only managed to get 75% of Christians fired for their beliefs– how many more hardships will gays have to endure?”

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Ten years ago, I shared insights on how compassionate and committed Christ-followers should respond. I did a video to help people, but the church leader told me it was a “deal breaker” and let me go. Regardless, I’ve continued sharing the same truth.

I’ve attended more than 20 gay pride events because I believe it’s God’s will for me. It’s not necessarily for everybody, as individuals must be careful due to some public nudity, drugs and other behaviors many would deem offensive. We must also consider levels of maturity in the Christian experience . With the blessing of fellow leaders and the prayer covering of intercessors, proceed while pondering five points:

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P – Pray for participants..

R – Relate to the rejected.

I – Invest for eternity.

D – Demonstrate God’s love.

E – Evangelize the lost.

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