Sean Feucht’s Legal Battle for Free Speech

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Abby Trivett

“Let Us Worship” leader Sean Feucht is going to legal battle with the city of Spokane, Washington for the sake of free speech.

Sean Feucht has filed a lawsuit against the city of Spokane for what he believes was a violation of freedom of religion and expression, according to Inlander.

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Last year, the city passed a resolution condemning Feucht’s event where Nadine Woodward, the city’s former mayor, came on stage to pray with Feucht and a former state representative, Matt Shea.

The Spokane city council said that they do not, “condone the hateful and dangerous behavior and beliefs espoused by Matt Shea and Sean Feucht, nor does it condone Mayor Woodward’s public appearance with him.”

Now, Feucht is fighting back from what he considers this action to be an overreach by the government.

“I am not ashamed of the gospel,” Feucht wrote on Facebook. It is the only hope we have as a people and a nation. Our nation was founded by Christians on biblical principles. Even our money is inscribed with ‘In God We Trust.’”

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I won’t sit quietly and let these anti-Christian bigots get away with persecuting Christians for exercising our Constitutional rights. So I filed a lawsuit. I’m taking them to court. Their anti-Christian bigotry has gone too far,” Feucht continued.

As we continue to navigate a world that calls evil good and good evil, remember there are plenty of dark days still ahead but God has promised to be with us and to use us to spread His light to a broken and hopeless world.

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