14 Things to Expect if Biden Wins

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Larry Tomczak

The Bible tells us, “We see through a glass, darkly” (1 Cor. 13:12b, KJV), thus sharing predictions is not an exact science. We know past performance can be a fairly reliable predictor of future behavior, so with two presidential debates looming, let’s follow Jesus’ instructions to “judge with righteous judgment” (John 7:24b, NKJV). Our approach, not personal or prejudicial, proceeds from policies and their results.

I heard today that the progressive, leftist Democratic party unleashed $40 million of attack ads for the upcoming presidential debate and election. These portray former President Donald Trump as a convicted criminal, felon and would-be dictator, destroying democracy, while President Joe Biden is shown as supporting working people, the betterment of this country plus reducing medical costs.

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What is truth? America is declining rapidly, so we’d better pay close attention. It’s true: Our survival hangs in the balance.

Democrats recently held a glitzy fundraiser in Los Angeles with former President Barack Obama and top celebrities including George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Jimmy Kimmel. They raised a record $30 million to run these campaign ads across America.

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People ask why Hollywood stars overwhelmingly support Democrats and their progressive policies, donating huge amounts of money to their campaigns while the country suffers horribly, its leftist leaders trying to bring about the “fundamental transformation of America” pledged by Obama.

The answer is easy: The policies don’t affect them. Multitudes dying; sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children; scores of lives destroyed from rampant cartel-driven drugs (100,000 annually from fentanyl), stemming from our 3 ½ year “open border” tsunami of asylum seekers, yet Hollywood says little or nothing.

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