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  • Looking For a Love Connection

    Christian singles are looking for love today by visiting Internet chat rooms and by using Christian dating services. Are these the best ways to find a mate who loves Jesus?

  • 6 Keys to Preparing for Revival

    6 Keys to Preparing for Revival

    We love to read in 1 Kings 18 about how the prophet Elijah confronted the priests of Baal and called down fire from heaven. But if the story tells us anything, it is that the fire does not fall in just any old place in the middle of the desert. We must prepare the altar …

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  • Get Ready to Move

    God's prophetic promise of deliverance is at hand.

  • 4 Ways to Test if You’re Led by the Spirit or Your Emotions

    4 Ways to Test if You’re Led by the Spirit or Your Emotions

    I was puzzled. During the months of training, Jane had faithfully attended classes, completing her courses with passing grades. Yet as I began to compare her spiritual growth and maturity with others in the class, I realized something was missing. What could it be that had so retarded her spiritual growth? Could there be something …

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  • Keep Your Eyes On The Mountaintop


    Your life is about more than merely existing. You are pregnant with promises from God, and He has an assignment for you! But are you willing to endure the process to procure the blessings that are inside of you?

    Joseph is the perfect example of a man who was pregnant with promise and yet had to walk through the processes, trials and hurts of life to attain his destiny. He was the son of Jacob and Rachel (see Gen. 30:22-24). Because Joseph "was the son of his old age," Jacob loved him more than he did his other children, and he gave him a coat of many colors (Gen. 37:3, NKJV).

  • Ten Lies the Church Tells Women

    In the days of Jesus' earthly ministry, He confronted men's religious traditions and challenged their long-held distorted beliefs regarding the status of women.

    Men and women in the church have made some progress toward a more balanced view of gender roles. However, there is still a great deal of fear and confusion associated with the topic.

    Freedom for women to serve God with their gifts is liberating to men rather than threatening. Women desire to utilize these gifts for His glory, and it is wasteful and disobedient not to permit them the opportunity to do so.

  • Ten Lies The Church Tells Women


    We live in the 21st century, but if we're honest we have to admit that in some ways the church is still in the Dark Ages--especially when we look at the way we treat women.

    Even though the Scriptures never portray women as secondary to men, our male-dominated religious system still promotes a warped view of female inferiority. Women are tired of this, and as a man, so am I--because such demeaning attitudes don't reflect God's heart.

  • Breakthrough in the Bible Belt

    In Greenville, South Carolina-a stronghold of religious fundamentalism-a multiracial charismatic church is breaking centuries of prejudice and tradition.

  • Break the Power of Shame

    Break the Power of Shame

    Are you man enough to give yourself to Him, even in the midst of your failure? There is no issue more fundamentally important to your spiritual growth than your understanding of the personality of Jesus Christ. It goes beyond just knowing His mission to what He thinks and how He feels–especially the way that He …

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  • Why We Need Sisters

    Why We Need Sisters

    Whether you call it connecting or bonding, women do it remarkably well. Certainly, this has been my experience. A recent shopping trip overwhelmingly confirmed my theory. “Oooh, that looks lovely on you. You should get it!” my admirer told me. It was 7:30 a.m., and my favorite store was having a knock-down, drag-out sale. Take …

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  • When Perfect Pastors Divorce

    When Perfect Pastors Divorce

    Learn how to pray and support your pastors before a crisis erupts in their marriage. Pastor Jack (not his real name) stood before his congregation in tears. He said, “I have to confess that I have been involved in an extramarital affair. Effective today I am resigning as the senior pastor of this church. I’m …

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  • 4 Tests to Determine if a Desire Is From God

    4 Tests to Determine if a Desire Is From God

    My friend was sick with frustration. You could see it all over her face and hear it in her voice as she talked about unmet expectations at her church. “You’re never satisfied,” remarked her husband. Unlike his wife, he was happy with their full-gospel church, and he felt fulfilled in the ways he was serving …

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  • Blessed to Be a Blessing

    I was watching the news when the station ran a segment on a young couple whose home had been struck by lightning. Everything they owned had been destroyed during this unfortunate event, but what caught my attention was what the young man said about his ordeal. He told the reporter that their lives were over. …

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  • God Is Calling for a New Sound of Worship

    God Is Calling for a New Sound of Worship

    If we truly want the power of God’s presence in our worship, we must break out of all religious ruts and be willing to sing a new song. In the church’s modern sophistication, we have processed something out of our worship that God wants to restore. It reminds me of the way we process bread. …

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  • What Happened To Eve?


    At this moment in revival history, God is raising up women into roles of leadership and service that we never dreamed possible. We are like racehorse fillies straining at the starting gate, beating our hooves, waiting for the door to fly open and the race to begin. We're just chomping at the bit to start doing the work of the ministry God has called us to do!

    But before that gate can open and the release can come--before we can embrace our destiny as ministers in Christ--we must embrace the Lord's original intention for us as women.

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