With Roe Victory Behind Us, Janet Porter Targets Other Critical American Political Issues

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Steve Strang

Janet Porter has had a goal for years to save the lives of the unborn. That’s what made June 24—the day the United States Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade and said there is no constitutional right to abortion—perhaps the happiest day of Porter’s life.

Her ministry, Faith to Action, has long been a respected voice in the fight to end abortion. In 2012, she came up with the idea of the Heartbeat Bill, which has been passed in 11 states. The goal of the Heartbeat Bill is to ban abortion after six weeks, and in some states the law classifies unborn children as natural persons. The law requires a physician to check for a fetal heartbeat before performing an abortion. If a heartbeat is detected, then it is illegal to abort the child.

I interviewed Janet on my Strang Report podcast, and Janet told me that while many are hesitant to express joy about the Supreme Court’s Roe decision, it indeed is one to be celebrated.

“I disagree with the naysayers because this is a phenomenal victory,” Porter said. “The curse of abortion in America is broken. I checked off my lifelong goal of seeing Roe v. Wade overturned. We now have 11 states that are abortion free, and we’ve got another six soon to be abortion free, including Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Iowa. We’re looking at as many as 22 states that protect at least nine out of 10 children. It was a phenomenal day for sure. But yes, now that we have seen these victories, we need to not lay low.”

Indeed. Part of the problem is that Christians have been laying low in various ways for a long time.

Now that Roe v. Wade is in arrears, Porter says she will push strongly for a federal heartbeat bill, which is currently in the hands of Pennsylvania Republican congressman Mike Kelly. Porter, like most Republicans, is counting on a red wave during this fall’s mid-term elections to give the majority back to that party in both the House and Senate.

“Once the Republicans take the majority, we’ve got to make (the federal heartbeat bill) a priority,” Porter says. “Back in 2011 when we first started with the Heartbeat Bill, people said it was impossible. Now, it’s inevitable. It was the most protected bill for the unborn prior to Roe coming down. I had the honor to recruit the sponsor of the Texas Heartbeat Bill that saved more than 20,000 lives.

“We are going to have another bill that we’re going to be introducing in states across the country to protect every child, period, from the moment of conception, that moment of fertilization.”

During my interview with Porter, I inquired as to what steps are ahead in the fight to save the unborn. I was surprised when she responded that, before anything else, we must have election integrity or we will never be able to get elect politicians who favor life over abortion.

Porter is working now to persuade legislators in Wisconsin and other places to not shred the physical evidence that would show election fraud. This has become one of her passions as a political activist and she is trying to get the word out for people to go to the decertifyfraud.com website and get involved.

“We’ve got to take our country back, and that means we’ve got to take back our elections,” Porter says. “The first thing we’ve got to do is decertify the fraud that we know took place. Many people saw the documentary 2000 Mules. This is the action step of what to do. It’s at decertifyfraud.com. You can click the button.

“A lot of people don’t realize that unless something is done, the 2020 election ballots are schedule to be destroyed on Sept. 4, 52 days from now. They’re going to shred all of the critical evidence to determine whether or not there was fraud in the last presidential election. And that simply cannot happen. The Speaker of the House in Wisconsin says yes, there is widespread voter fraud, but there’s nothing we can do … But there is. We’re sending information to the critical states. You can click a button and send postcards. In less than a minute, you can send 374 postcards to Wisconsin, Republican House members in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan, telling them to sequester the ballots and not to destroy them so they can investigate and decertify the fraudulent votes that were cast. If we don’t get our elections back, we don’t have our country back.”

I have personally gotten involved. While it is not my focus in the same way of Janet’s, I wrote about election fraud in my book, God and Cancel Culture, and even told a personal story where I took my mother to vote in a new precinct after she moved into an assisted living facility and they turned her away saying she had already voted.

But she had not voted. I told this story on my podcast and in my book, God Trump and the 2020 Election. Apparently, someone went through that assisted living facility, harvested all the ballots and filled them out, knowing those elderly people couldn’t go to the polls. They certainly didn’t expect someone like me to take my mother to vote.

I had no way of proving it, but when I wrote a letter to Chris Anderson, the Election Supervisor in Seminole County, I didn’t even get an acknowledgement, let alone an investigation.

We should not permit any election fraud, but particularly when it is wholesale harvesting of ballots and putting ballots in drop boxes in the middle of the night, like it was in the seven swing states in the 2020 election.

Janet and I talked about many more interesting issues, so please make sure to tune into this episode of the Strang Report podcast. And, as always, please make sure to share the link with your social media followers so we can spread the word about what’s happening going forward with abortion and how you can get involved with perhaps decertifying the 2020 election. {eoa}

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