Jim Garlow Says This Critical Information Will Help Believers Fight Back Against Coming Totalitarianism

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Steve Strang

Jim Garlow has been at the tip of the spear in culture wars for as long as I’ve known him. In case you didn’t know, he is the former pastor of Skyline Church, a megachurch in suburban San Diego, and is a celebrated author, communicator, commentator and historian.

Garlow is also is the Founder and CEO of Well Versed, a ministry to members of Congress, ambassadors and other elected officials at the United Nations in New York City, and he brings biblical principles of governance to government leaders.

He was one of the main pastors in California who, in 2008, helped pass a state constitutional amendment that said only a marriage between a man and a woman is recognized in the state of California. Many doubted that bill would ever pass in such a liberal state, but it did, with Garlow’s help.

Eight years later, he wrote an article for Charisma News on why Christians and other conservatives should vote for Donald Trump, even if they didn’t like his personality or actions. The article gathered over 4.2 million shares, and perhaps helped him receive an invitation to participate in the President’s Faith Advisory Board, which he did for four years. The article apparently affected many, and it may have been enough to tip the election in Trump’s favor. Many Evangelicals who previously were hesitant to vote for Trump voted for him by 81%, an extremely high number.

This coming week, He and his Well Versed ministry team are hosting an important conference near Washington D.C. with 45 speakers that Garlow believes will help Americans survive the very real and imminent possibility of some very difficult times ahead for this country.

“This conference, which you can tune into at wellversed.org, will teach you how to biblically and scripturally deal with every political and governmental issue we are now facing,” Garlow says. “The second day we titled ‘Soaring Like an Albatross.’ An albatross is a bird in Australia that can fly through and above a tsunami, and it can do it for five or six years. Pretty astounding.

“We as believers need to know how to create a parallel or alternative universe because of the culture we find ourselves in, being marginalized and canceled. People are now being fired from jobs because of their belief and there have been over 350 companies who have had their accounts frozen because of speaking out for their Christian beliefs. The cancel culture has just been amazing.”

Other topics during this amazing conference include health care, and why people are being canceled for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Garlow says education is also a hot-button issue the conference will tackle, as many of our school systems, because of the woke culture, are teaching our children, as Garlow puts it, “things they don’t need to hear.”

The conference will also address:

  • If you don’t have access to your money, what can you do?
  • If your lose the capacity to communicate electronically with each other, what is your backup plan?
  • If you are not allowed to practice your religion openly and freely, do you know how to go “underground?”
  • If your doctor is not allowed to practice medicine because he/she refuses to administer harmful governmentally coerced treatments, how will you get medical care?

And here’s one that many might never have thought about: What if you were forced to flee the United States?

“Where would you go, and how would you survive?” Garlow asks. “I call this day cancelation insurance. You have insurance for so many things and hopefully you will never need it. But what we’re going to learn on day two is how to prepare for such a possibility. Indicators around the world right now show a rapid rise of authoritarian, totalitarian governments and ideals.

“What is going on in our world? Is there a radical change coming? Potentially, there is, and that is why I would rather have this information than not have it and be unprepared. This conference is not about fear, it’s about confidence. After each speaker, we are going to have pastors that will bring a Word of the Lord that will help calm these potential fears. We need to keep our eyes on the Lord and keep our confidence high. This conference is a confidence-breeding institution because knowledge breeds confidence.

“Knowledge is power, and the future belongs to those who are prepared for it. We hopefully will cover every single issue you can think about and what you can do if this totalitarian global rise continues. It will address what my options are and what can I do about it.”

You can livestream The Future Conference and then watch it afterward. My podcast with Pastor Garlow on the Strang Report and this article is my way to help get out the word because I believe what he is doing is so important—not only in the culture wars but also in the lives of individual Christians.

As publisher of Charisma, I want to give the strongest endorsement to Jim Garlow and his wife Rosemary, who have utmost integrity. They are widely respected and this conference is one that will benefit not only the body of Christ in general, but also you specifically. I urge you to listen to my entire Strang Report podcast to get more insights and also to check out his website at wellversed.com.

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