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Editor’s Note: The following prophetic word was issued by Chuck Pierce on April 9, 2009. It has been abbreviated for the purposes of this e-newsletter. The complete text of the word, originally titled “Prophetic Word Released for a Time Such as This,” is available at http://www.glory-of-zion.org/ under “Current Overcoming Revelation & Prophetic Prayer Focuses.”

The Lord says, “Let the sound of reformation come into you. Feel the brooding of My Spirit over you. … Fully submit your spirit to gain insight into My plan of reformation.

“Ministries are reforming. Lives are reforming. Cities are changing. Church gatherings are reforming. There is a cataclysmic ending and beginning going on in the earth that is creating My plan of fullness.

“… I am making you ready now. Watch Me get you ready. Be ready to move with Me quickly. Be ready to make a quick decision. Be ready to move and advance with Me. … Be ready for the change. Be ready for your new assignment. Be ready to move with Me. … Be ready to demonstrate My power in the path where I have placed you.

“Be ready for the change that is about to happen in your life. Be ready! Sanctify and ready yourself, for this is a day [in which] I will call you quickly and change your circumstance quickly and cause you to rise up.

“From the direction you were taking, you will shift immediately. Be ready, for changes are coming suddenly. I am singing, ‘Suddenly! Suddenly!’ Sing with Me and ready yourself to move quickly.

“Be ready for the call. Keep your lamp ready. Keep the oil filled within you. … Move forward with Me when I call, for the call is ‘on the way’ to you. Many of you have grown weary in the delay, but be ready, for this day of change is upon you. Do not grow weary in doing what is right. Keep your lamps trimmed. My hour of visitation is near you. Be ready and don’t go to sleep. Be ready to move.

“This is a day [in which] I am re-orchestrating your circumstance. The circumstance around you has attempted to invade your atmosphere of hope. Now I am re-orchestrating that circumstance.

“… Watch for the time of change and be ready. Know and rehearse My Word. … Be ready with My Word. Be ready with My Word at a moment.

“… Do not be afraid of threats or be troubled. I am ready to remove anything that’s troubling you. Deliverance is coming. I will remove the anxiousness in My people, for deliverance is coming.

“Sanctify your hearts and always be ready to give a … reason for the hope that is in you. Let hope spring up. … Do not allow the hope to flicker and go out. … Renew your hope today. … Do not back up, and do not come into agreement with the enemy, who has tried to squeeze hope out and cause your faith shield to fall. Defend your hope today.

“Ready yourself and allow My words to form within your mouth in a new way. My word is very near to your mouth. It will form in your mouth, and what you need to say today will rise up.

“Throughout My kingdom I decree that a new word is ready and on the lips of My people today. They will have the right word and will be favored. They will pick up the phone and call. They will pick up the phone when they are called. They will be ready to go to their next call and assignment.

“… Your deliverance is near. Ready yourself, for your deliverance is near. Ready yourself, for the enemy is targeting My people in a different, new way! Ready yourself with the word of defense. I am planning a surprise confrontation with the enemy that is coming against My people.

“The next five months will be intense! Ready yourself with the Word at all times. Defend the hope that is within you. I am rearranging and reforming circumstances around you today.

“Ready yourself to move quickly. … Be ready, for certain things will end suddenly and new ways will open and begin suddenly. Do not fear your abandonment! Just be ready to move into the next place that I offer you.

“Some of you will move into a new realm of helping. This is a season [in which] the gift of helps will be exalted in a new way and made efficient. Some of you will move into a gift of healing, for My people must be readied and healed. Counseling will take a back seat to impartation during this time.

“Words of wisdom will come by My Spirit, words of knowledge will be released, and you will know immediately how to move. The time of counseling is not at hand but the time of advancement and ‘suddenly’ is upon you! Therefore, ready yourself. My word will stir within you and you will hear a word behind you telling you which way to go.”

About the author: Chuck D. Pierce is the founder and president of Glory of Zion International Ministries (glory-of-zion.org); an internationally known prophetic minister; and the author of several books, including his upcoming Charisma House release, Redeeming the Time (available May 5).

Prophetic Insight is a weekly bulletin offering timely and relevant messages for the body of Christ from recognized prophetic voices. It is prepared by Maureen Eha, features editor for Charisma magazine. If you’d like to share a message with Maureen, send it to [email protected]. And please spread the good news by sending this e-newsletter to your friends.

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