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Sarah Stegall

My father was saved at the age of 10 or 11. He was very excited and “on fire” for the Lord. Dad went around preaching to everybody, and the other kids used to tease him about it.

My aunt tells about a time when he was asked to pray in Sunday school class–in front of the boys who had laughed at and made fun of him.

Dad stood up and began praying the most serious prayer imaginable. But about halfway through the prayer, he couldn’t take the boys’ giggles anymore, so he prayed: “Lord, you know I love You and all. And Lord, You hear these boys laughing at me over there, so Lord…why don’t You just strike them dead! Amen!”

The way she remembers it, you could have heard a pin drop. In fact, it was quiet from that point on!
Wanda Payne  

My three sons were quite a handful when they were little. Whenever I took them anywhere, I always made sure the youngest one sat near me so I could keep my eye on him.

When they were about 2, 3 and 5 years old, I took them with me to a revival service at a church I had never visited. The building had been a theater at one time, and after I had gotten the older ones seated, I bent down to secure my youngest son.

I noticed that he was chewing gum and had the fresh smell of spearmint on his breath. When I asked him where he had gotten the gum, he innocently replied, “From under the seat, and there’s a lot more under there if you want some.”
Sylvia J. Jackson  

One Sunday night at church, our pastor, my husband, was concluding his sermon with the words, “I don’t know how you all feel about this message.”

Kaitlyn, our 11-month-old daughter, decided to answer his rhetorical question. Loud and clear, she blew through her lips and made the raspberry sound.

My husband’s face turned red, and the congregation broke out in laughter. He graciously recovered, saying, “I hope her opinion isn’t reflective of the whole group.”
Lynette Kittle

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