Top of the Week: Demon-Possessed Girl Drove Greg Locke to Tip-of-the-Spear Deliverance Movement

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Demon-Possessed Girl Drove Greg Locke to Tip-of-the-Spear Deliverance Movement

The spiritual eyes of many are beginning to open across the world as physical manifestations of demonic entities are becoming prominent in societies that have abandoned God’s principles.

Evil is being recognized for what it is, and while some are still looking for the source of this evil transforming the cultures of the world into demonic sanctuaries, others like Pastor Greg Locke have recognized the need for the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sitting down with evangelist Benny Hinn to discuss a variety of topics that included an apology for speaking out and writing a book against Hinn years ago, Locke now believes in the same Holy Spirit power that Hinn has preached for decades.

Beware the Sign: September’s Prophetic Warning

In a recent series of visions and prophetic messages, revelations about the upcoming months of September and October have been shared by Troy Black, a Christian YouTuber, author and prophetic voice.

These visions carry both warnings and blessings, urging believers to seek a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit and stand firm in their faith.

To view Troy Black’s full prophetic message, click here!

In his testimonial, Black describes a period of darkness and sin over a decade ago when he felt distant from God. However, through repentance and seeking solace in the Scriptures, he experienced a life-altering encounter with the Holy Spirit. Since then, his mission has been to obey the Holy Spirit and share divine revelations with others.

6 Ways You Can Lose God’s Anointing on Your Life

When you allow God’s purification process in your life, you must remain vigilant about six key things that can weaken the empowering anointing on you.

The Bible says we are to resist the devil, but it says resist not the Holy Spirit, grieve the Holy Spirit, quench not the Holy Spirit.

Why? The Holy Spirit is as gentle as a dove, and He will not stay if there is a challenge.

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From Addict to Deliverance Warrior, Tai Locke Shares Her Testimony to Freedom

n an exclusive interview with Charisma News, Tai Locke shares her powerful testimony of how she went from addict to deliverance warrior with her husband, Pastor Greg Locke.

Tai Locke, who pastors Global Vision Bible Church with her husband, Greg Locke, shared how she came to Christ in the middle of a bleak and dark drug addiction. However, when she finally laid everything down at her Savior’s feet, her life was changed forever.

“When I met the Lord, I had an encounter with the Lord in a ditch. I drug overdosed,” Locke said. “When I got born again, the Lord did a drastic transformation in my life very immediately after that encounter with Him.”

Demons are laughing in your face’: Nick Vujicic Calls on the American Church to Repent

Evangelist Nick Vujicic has passionately delivered a compelling plea to what he perceives as a “delusional” American church, urging an immediate call to repentance.

In his interview with the Christian Post, Vujicic emphasizes the critical need for the church to fearlessly address pressing societal issues, including abortion, porn addiction and sex trafficking. With a sense of urgency, he implores the church to take a bold stand against these challenges before the window of opportunity closes.

“I think most churches are delusional,” Vujicic reveals. “I don’t pray for revival; I pray for repentance. I don’t think America deserves a single more blessing from God; not one. We need to repent. And not only do we need to turn away from things, but we also need to equip and encourage the Church to go toward this: How do you stay out of your pornographic addiction? How do you now engage … the one family in the church [that] ends up fostering and adopting?

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