The Vatican and UFOs? Whistleblower Says ‘Certainly’

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Shawn Akers

A former United States intelligence officer says UFO sightings in Italy during the time of dictator Benito Mussolini were “widely known,” and claims that the Vatican was involved in the first-ever UFO crash in Italy.

NewsNation reported that David Grusch, a U.S. Air Force veteran, has often made claims about the U.S. government’s involvement in covering up the truth about aliens and UFOs.

Grusch says The Vatican and the Catholic Church were “certainly” aware of “non-human” existence on earth.

“The Pope back-channeled that, and told Americans what the Italians had and we ended up scooping it,” Grusch told NewsNation.

Grusch says that “1933 was the first recovery in Magenta, Italy,” Grusch said. “They recovered a partially intact vehicle, and the Italian government moved it to a secure airbase in Italy until around 1944-1945.”

The Daily Star reported that Grusch says there are documents claiming to be first-hand accounts of sightings made by Mussolini’s men nearly 100 years ago, which also have “crude” drawings of what looks like an alien spacecraft.

In his interview with NewsNation, Grusch spoke of government cover-ups and New Mexico, where, in 1947, an object crashed near the town of Roswell. The U.S. Air Force recovered material that was described as “metallic and rubbery,” though the government changed its story as to what it was, calling it a “flying disc” at first and then a weather or spy balloon.

But Grusch says that there were multiple witnesses who said there were bodies recovered from the alleged Roswell aircraft.

“You might want to trust some of these witnesses,” Grusch implores.

Grusch, who served 14 years in the United States Air Force, became a career intelligence officer and spent time on the ground in Afghanistan and other places overseas before rotating back to Washington, D.C. He says his claims are believable because “I have the credentials.

“My last position, which I left in April of 2023, I co-led the UAP portfolio for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and some of the highest officials within the Department of Defense and intelligence community used to call on me to advise them on some of the hardest target sets that the country had,” Grusch said.

Grusch claims that he was entrusted with some of the country’s most intimate secrets. He was invited to join the UAP task force in 2019.

“I have, based on my full security clearance and multiple polygraphs, had the ability to be read into any program that I needed,” he recalls. “At one point in time, I was extremely highly cleared.”

Grusch told NewsNation that the U.S. is in possession of “quite a number” of “non-human’ vehicles, which was difficult for him to believe—at first.

“I thought it was totally nuts and I thought at first I was being deceived,” Grusch said. “People started to confide in me … approaching me. I had plenty of senior, former intelligence officers that came to me, many of which I knew almost my whole career, that confided in me that they were part of a program.

“They named the program … I’d never heard of it. They told me, based on their oral testimony, and they provided me documents and other proof, that there was in fact a program that the UAP Task Force was not read into.”

Grusch says he believes humans are not alone in the universe, and there is “potentially extra-terrestrial life” out there.

“We are definitely not alone,” Grusch says. “The data points quite empirically that we’re not alone.”

UFO sightings have become a national phenomenon again in recent months. Charisma News reported this week that a Las Vegas family believed they saw “a tall, skinny alien creature with greenish color” after an unknown craft crashed near the family’s home.

Prophet Joseph Z explained three theories on these recent UFO sightings, one of which he says could be “demonic deception.” {eoa}

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma News.

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