The Covering of God’s Blood

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Benny Hinn

After I became a pastor, God gave me an understanding of the blood covenant that would forever change my life and ministry.

One Saturday afternoon I had stayed home to study the Scriptures about the blood covenant so I could teach it to my congregation. I was sitting outside in the backyard of my home studying and praying. “Lord, give me an understanding of the blood,” I asked. The second I said that, I felt the presence of the Lord and began to weep.

That day the blood of Christ took on a whole new meaning. The Holy Spirit began showing me that the blood of Jesus represents His life. I realized more than ever that when Christ shed His blood at Calvary, He gave us His very life. And when we ask the Lord to wash us and cover us with His blood, we will experience His life-giving power.

Throughout my ministry I have seen that Christians have a limited knowledge of the atonement. As a result, they have not experienced the freedom God has for their lives.

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For example, many believers tell me that Satan continues to oppress and harass them. It comes as a surprise when I tell them I have not experienced any demonic oppression on my life since I began asking God in prayer to cover me with the blood.

Before that I was depressed at times and felt that my mind was blocked. Sometimes when I prayed, I felt a horrible oppression come upon me. Occasionally, I had nightmares and at times felt that something was literally choking me.

But when God gave me that enormous understanding of the blood and I began to ask for a blood covering in prayer, that “thing” was completely broken. Years have passed since I have had that kind of attack, and I am grateful for the liberty I have experienced because of that understanding.

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There is power in the blood of Jesus. There is no question about it. Yet at the same time, the blood does not have “magical” power. The power comes from the Lord Jesus Himself, and He is the One who will act on your behalf when you appropriate the power represented by His shed blood as you apply the blood through prayer.

We apply Jesus’ blood through prayer and faith. But it is the Lord who covers us; we do not cover ourselves.

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