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Abby Trivett

In the face of a devastating crisis, Brenda Bravatty found solace and literal, physical healing by holding onto her faith in Jesus. Her incredible journey unveils the transformative power of spiritual assurance that can be found in the person of the Holy Spirit, even in the darkest moments of life.

After seeing the perils of cancer hit her family, finding out that she too had cancer was a journey Bravatty never expected nor wanted to go on. However, it was through this time, through this unexpected chaos and turmoil, that she saw God perform an absolute, undeniable miracle in her life. In her exclusive interview with Charisma Magazine Online, Bravatty shared how finding out that she was cancer free demonstrated the God’s love and healing power in her life.  

“I made a decision; I said, ‘I’m not going to worry. My life belongs to the Lord. He has every day of my life in His hands,'” Bravatty says. “I remember when the doctor was telling me about the pancreatic cancer and then the ovarian cancer, I was in tears…I was just feeling devastated but God was holding my hand.”

By making this decision to cling to Jesus no matter what the outcome was, discovering that God had answered her prayers and miraculously healed her was one of the greatest moments of her life.

“It was a great miracle,” Bravatty says. “My doctors here at Northwestern told me we have never had this happen to us…I was declared cancer free.”

Bravatty points to the Lord’s goodness for extending her life and allowing her to still be alive today.

“I know the Lord extended my life with a purpose,” Bravatty says. “I know with the type of diagnosis that I had, with the history that I had, I was not supposed to be alive and healthy, but the Lord allowed me to that…to allow me to live and to share that there is nothing impossible for God, no matter the diagnosis, no matter the family history.”

In her feature article of Charisma Magazine Online, Bravatty also noted how it is through this time, this process of seeing God do a miracle, that she has since discovered how the Lord continues to show His glorious nature to her.

“I now understand that each day is a gift from God, who changed my heart through the process,” Bravatty writes. “I aim to live every day to the fullest!”

Bravatty’s story is a testament to unwavering faith and the transformative power of trusting God in the midst of life’s storms. Regardless of the challenges she faced, the presence of Jesus became the anchor that carried her through the entire healing process.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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