Testimony From Hell Reveals the Secret to Demon Possession

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Abby Trivett

Can demons possess humans, and if so, how does it happen?

After Howard Pittman descended into hell after experiencing actual, physical death, he saw the reality of hell and how the demonic works to snare God’s children. Pittman claimed to have experienced a journey beyond the veil, witnessing Satan’s kingdom and gaining profound insights into the afterlife. This description from life to death exposes what it’s like to enter a world of complete darkness.

“There’s no words in the human language to describe crossing the veil,” Pittman said in an interview. “I passed out in this darkness. I felt—I really felt abandoned, all alone. First time I’d ever experienced that kind of darkness. There was no light. And then all of a sudden, I saw something that [came] right out of the top of that darkness and it was like a tape that was just twirling around.”

In the darkness, this tape that Pittman kept seeing that was right in front of him was Hebrews 9:27 which reads, “As it is appointed for me to die once, but after this comes the judgment.” Pittman knew that the time of judgment was coming.

Following this, Pittman encountered Satan himself. The devil, according to Pittman, attempted to deceive him into relinquishing his breath in exchange for promised peace, rest and security. This aligns perfectly with the Scriptures that discuss Satan as the one who tries to disguise himself as the angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14) and as the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).

One of the most critical things that can be learned from Pittman’s testimony is how spiritual powers and principalities are able to work. This includes how Pittman gained insight into how the demonic forces possess people.

“My escort informed me that he wanted me to see a demon in the process of actually possessing a human being,” a Pittman testimony reads. “At this point in the trip, I was escorted back through the dimension wall separating the Second Heaven from the physical world.”

It was during this time with the angel guiding Pittman that he discovered how spiritual hosts like demons and angels will not work either for or against humans without that person’s consenting will. However, possession absolutely happens.

“He moved slowly up into the face of the man then, suddenly, like a puff of smoke, he seemed to disappear into the face of the man just as if he went right through the pores of his skin,” the Pittman testimony reads. “When the demon had entered the man, the angel said, ‘Now it’s done.’ The angel then proceeded to tell me how it was that this particular man was possessed.”

Howard Pittman’s journey through the afterlife offers a mesmerizing glimpse into the mysteries that lie beyond the veil. It’s a reminder that heaven and hell are real, and what we do here—who we serve here on earth—makes a difference in what we will see happen with our eternal future.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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