Prophecy: Apostolic Ministry in Israel?

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Demontae Edmonds

“The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine,’ declares the LORD of hosts” (Hag. 2:8).

While in prayer, I saw a mountain that I knew was situated in Israel, somewhere near Jerusalem. The Lord allowed me to see into this mountain. It was a mountain full of gold! I could not believe my spiritual eyes! The gold sparkled in the vision, even though it was inside of the mountain. This vision caused me to come out of prayer and write in a notebook, “Mountain of Gold—Israel!”

I returned to prayer and began to question the Lord further about this vision. Was it symbolic or was it literal? As I inquired further of the Lord, it was made known to me by the Holy Spirit that this was literal. The Lord downloaded into my spirit that this mountain, although near Jerusalem, had been left unexcavated and the gold in it, untouched. The Lord had reserved the discovery of this gold for a divinely appointed time.

Two Faces and Two Prayer Requests Fulfilled

The vision of the mountain full of gold returned as I prayed further. However, this time in the vision, I saw images of the faces of two people superimposed near the base of the mountain. The first face in the vision I did not recognize, but it was the weathered face of an elderly man. God impressed upon me that he was a Spirit-filled pastor of a small ministry who had labored in that land for years, but did not see the expectation of God’s glory in the land. The second face I immediately recognized as being Ruth Ward Heflin. Ruth Ward Heflin was a towering spiritual giant, a pioneer of Pentecostal faith and a prophetic voice to many nations. She traveled to many nations sowing the Gospel message, imparting into leaders and helping to spread Pentecostalism.

Ruth and her family had a particular affinity, love and spirit of intercession for the nation of Israel, as well as God’s plans and purposes for it. She spent quite a bit of time living in and prophesying over this nation. Also, Sister Ruth and others founded Mount Zion Fellowship in Jerusalem in 1972.

The Lord spoke to me, saying, “When the gold is found inside of this mountain, I will begin to answer the unanswered prayers of these two individuals for the city of Jerusalem and the nation of Israel.”

I knew that this man of God’s prayers had been for salvations within the land, and that Ruth’s prayers had been for signs and wonders that would convert Jews to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God said to me, “Signs and wonders of a new order will start happening in that land (when the gold is discovered).”

“Then said Jesus unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe” (John 4:48).

God’s Golden Age

The Holy Spirit bore witness with me that the discovery of the gold would be during a time of political upheaval and global economic uncertainty. I would not be surprised if there is a period soon where the price of gold skyrockets and some nations transition into observing a modified gold standard again.

Before 1971, the USA observed the gold standard as a means to back its currency, but this changed when President Nixon’s administration ended it in order to curtail inflation and prevent foreign nations from taking advantage of America’s weakened economy at the time. However, gold still remains a precious and highly sought after metal.

The next day, while at a prophetic conference in Atlanta, GA, I delivered this prophetic word concerning the vast resources of gold that would be uncovered. Just moments before mounting the stage, I realized that Sister Ruth’s ministry was one of the first to experience gold dust manifestations within her meetings. Others had these manifestations previously in their tent revivals, but she was the first to publicize these glory manifestations.

God, in His intentionality, allowed me to see the face of “the gold dust lady” superimposed over a mountain of gold!

I believe there will be a window for a golden age of apostolic and prophetic ministry to the nation of Israel that will start during our generation.

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Demontae Edmonds is the founder of Freedom 4 the Nations, host of “This is Freedom” podcast on Charisma Podcast Network, and host of Atlanta’s “Highways” TV program. He travels the nations preaching the gospel with notable signs, wonders and miracles. His heart is to share the reality of Jesus Christ with the world through demonstrations of the Holy Spirit’s power and presence. He has authored the books Grab Hold of Your Miracle,” “Discerning of Spirits: 7 Dimensions of Revelation,” and “The Supernatural Gift of Faith.”

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