Prophetic Vision: The 40 Years of China’s Rising Influence

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Chuck Pierce

China, Russia, and the United States are still in a tug-of-war vying for world leadership.

The real danger for us is to make economic liaisons and alignments that cause us to look more like China as we proceed into the future. China is not just a Communist nation but a materialistically controlled entity.

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In 1986 I received a vision in which the Lord revealed to me what would happen in the next 40 years in 10-year increments. Much of what He showed me revolved around the church and a change in His kingdom development. However, the nation with its leadership and people that He used as an example was China. Here are the details from my vision that involved China.

1986—This would be the turning-point year for China. The government of the land would arise, and from its oppression much change would begin to occur in the people. The church in China had always been very oppressed and controlled by the government. I had developed a great relationship with the five key leaders of the massive underground church. This was the year of student revolutions forming to resist the oppression of the government.

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1989—The Tiananmen Square protests took place, resulting in a massacre that awakened the world to China.

1996—The government of the nation began to appear to be more open to the world. I knew immediately the government of the church had to arise in a new way. An apostolic awareness would enter the earth, and new leadership across the earth would arise with a mind for a change from the last church structures to a new kingdom movement. This was the year Peter Wagner convened the National Symposium on the Post-denominational Church at Fuller Seminary. Bishop Bill Hamon regards it as the historical turning point for public recognition of the new apostolic movement. The church in China, with incredible leadership, would become an integral part of this move. Since that time, this move has swept the world.

2006—China would come into the world picture. This would be the year China would take its rightful place as a national power worldwide.

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2008—The World Olympics were held in Beijing. No one could have even imagined this 20 years prior.

2016—By Rosh Hashanah 2016 (September/October), China would vie to establish its identity as the most influential nation in the world economy. It would plan a developmental strategy for its economy to be second to none. At this point the United States would realign itself with China, and they would become allies. This would become a danger. Conflict would arise, and the two nations would begin to separate their alliance by 2018.

2020—China would make the greatest move to gain world economic authority. It would attempt to bring nations under subjection to its dominant economy—by any means. Therefore, when COVID-19 began making headlines in 2019 from its fifth-largest city, Wuhan, I knew the time was now to watch China. This is what caused me to know that this would be not just a virus that would affect China but something that would sweep the globe. I also knew that this virus would become a pawn in a world economic chess match.

2026—The goal of national China is to be the most dominant controlling economic force in the world by 2026.

As we enter this seven-year Passover season, we must watch carefully, pray strategically, and remain attuned to the promptings of the Father.

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Chuck D. Pierce is president of Glory of Zion International Ministries.

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