Are We in a Seven Year Window of Divine Harvest?

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Chuck Pierce

Times of distress are opportunities for miracles. People are longing to hear good news. This is our time to pray that people turn and find the Healer in the midst of chaos. Judgment comes so healing can abound, restoration can occur, and our latter may be greater than our former.

We must watch, listen, and move only when He tells us to move.

The first seven years of this pey decade (from late 2019 until late 2026) will involve critical campaigns in the war, giving the church an unprecedented window to move in fullness for the harvest of millions of souls.

In both the physical and spiritual realms, the front line of this war will manifest through economic (as well as demonic) power struggles, the realignment of national and geopolitical alliances and the overall fight for control of world systems (trade, finance, economic influence, power, etc.).

As we tighten our belts and adjust our spending, the Spirit of God will make us stronger and stronger.

War is ahead! We have seen from this COVID-19 pandemic that we are in a new type of warfare. We must learn to establish bloodlines. We must take up the mantle of this Passover season and walk under the blood of the Lamb as we cross over treacherous and unknown ground.

Chuck D. Pierce is president of Glory of Zion International Ministries.

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