Morning Rundown: Are We Entering a Leviticus 26 Era?

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Are We Entering a Leviticus 26 Era?

Is America heading toward destruction? Are we going to enter into a Leviticus 26 era?

In one of his latest videos, Perry Stone delves into what Leviticus 26 means and what the implications of it could be for America.

“In the Old Testament there’s the blessing and the curse of the Law of God,” Stone said. “The blessing means the favor of God or the hand of God is on something and God begins to bless, but a curse is totally the opposite…when God allows a curse to come into a nation, we think of curse as being different things, but a curse in the eyes of God means to diminish that nation, to make it smaller, to take away His favor and take the blessing off of it.”

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Pastors Arrested, Charged With ‘Money Laundering and Organized Crime’

Mountain Gateway, operating as Puerta de la Montaña in Nicaragua, is currently facing a challenging situation as the Attorney General of Nicaragua moves forward with charges against three U.S. citizens associated with the organization and 11 Nicaraguan pastors. The allegations include money laundering and organized crime.

In response, Mountain Gateway released a statement vehemently denying these accusations and expressing deep sadness over the situation. The organization asserts that it has diligently followed all legal requirements in both the U.S. and Nicaragua for non-profit and faith-based organizations.

Mountain Gateway has provided documentation demonstrating that the Nicaraguan government reviewed and approved all funds entering the country. The organization operated under the government’s oversight to ensure the appropriate use and management of funds. In 2023, Mountain Gateway conducted eight mass evangelistic gospel campaigns in collaboration with the Nicaraguan government, operating under strict accounting and budget reviews. The organization emphasizes that no members of Mountain Gateway personally profited from funds sent to Nicaragua for ministry functions.

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Sen. Tim Scott Excited to Announce Engagement

In a heartwarming turn of events, Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, a lifelong bachelor and former presidential candidate, surprised the public by proposing to his girlfriend, Mindy Noce, on a picturesque Kiawah Island beach.

Scott, 58, shared the joyful news on Sunday through a social media post, expressing gratitude to Noce for making him “the luckiest man in the world.”

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