Are We Entering a Leviticus 26 Era?

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Abby Trivett

Is America heading toward destruction? Are we going to enter into a Leviticus 26 era?

In one of his latest videos, Perry Stone delves into what Leviticus 26 means and what the implications of it could be for America.

“In the Old Testament there’s the blessing and the curse of the Law of God,” Stone said. “The blessing means the favor of God or the hand of God is on something and God begins to bless, but a curse is totally the opposite…when God allows a curse to come into a nation, we think of curse as being different things, but a curse in the eyes of God means to diminish that nation, to make it smaller, to take away His favor and take the blessing off of it.”

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In Leviticus 26, there are specific curses that are mentioned that will reign down upon a nation if they were to abandon their devotion to God and instead mock Him. As a nation founded upon Christian values and beliefs, is it possible that America will see this kind of turmoil?

“There’s no doubt about it that America was founded by men who believed in a divine creator God, wasn’t some idol god, it was the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We also know that they were individuals that many of them attended church,” Stone said.

Warnings of terrorism and impending doom are part of what Leviticus 26 describes, and from Stone’s observations, this is something that we saw after 9/11, especially as people fled away from the towers during their collapse. He also says that other allusions to authority and destruction can also point to our government.

“In the Old Testament, the high places were the mountains up on which people worshiped idols,” Stone said. “For us today, our high places could allude to our high towers, our towers or high buildings, or places of great authority. And one of the places of our military authority, for example, would be the Pentagon or even the capital of the United States. So once again, these warnings start fitting into what I see happening.”

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Stone points out that God gave the Israelites instructions on what they should do as they came out of Egyptian bondage.

“If they will follow Him, love Him and obey His Word, He’ll bless them coming in, bless them going out, make them the head and the tail…so there’s this great blessing placed upon any nation that puts God first and gives honor to prayer, to His covenant,” Stone said.

In the same way that God had given warning for what would come either in the form of blessing or cursing based on Israel’s acceptance or rejection of Him and His commands, we too could be facing some of the same situations today based on our actions toward God.

“When the hand of the Lord is on something, it indicates that the favor of God is upon it,” Stone said. “If the hedge is lifted and the hand of God which represents His favor and blessing is removed, that is when you have natural disasters. That’s when you have earthquakes. That’s when you have tsunamis. That’s when you have strange cosmic activity.”

As we have seen these unusual natural phenomenon take place, we can see that not only are we heading toward end times, but we are, in fact, seeing what life is like when a people group retreats from worshiping the one, true, living God. Yet, just as Abraham interceded for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah before its destruction, He is calling the Christians of America today to intercede on behalf of a nation gone astray.

“It’s time for the remnant to begin to seek God and pray to at least delay what could be coming on Leviticus 26,” Stone warned.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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