Evangelist Witnesses Revival Amid Rising Darkness and Evil

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Evangelist Nick Hall is in the midst of yet another monumental, year-long evangelism campaign—and he believes hearts and souls are being transformed.

“Anthem of Grace” kicked off with a massive global broadcast on Good Friday, hitting tens of millions of people with the Gospel. Translated into 60 languages, millions more are still consuming the content in nations across the world months after the event was first aired.

“It’s been amazing to see what God is doing,” Hall, founder of the Pulse Movement, told CBN News. “And I think we all know this, but … there’s a revival spreading. There’s joy, there’s hope.”

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The evangelist said the Anthem of Grace campaign centers, in part, on “Amazing Grace,” the “most sung and most translated hymn ever.” Beyond that, he said the campaign seeks to focus on the power of the Gospel to change hearts and minds.

“[It also focuses on the] story of every believer whose life has been changed by this and trying to tell the story of God’s grace in our lives, and welcoming people into that anthem of grace,” Hall said.

The faith leader said the mission of highlighting the change God has made in people’s lives and helping others discover the same transformation in their own journeys is the pinnacle of the campaign.

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“It’s just incredible to see the hunger, and we’re really just trying to see a global movement of just pointing back to the grace of God,” Hall said. “And, hopefully, equipping as many believers as possible to share that story of how God’s changed them.”

Hall said he is humbled to see how God has used his ministry to reach so many hearts.

“This is amazing. … I’ve got three kids, I’m in a ministry now 20 plus years,” he said. “And I’m just incredibly humbled and incredibly thankful to still be following Jesus. I’m thankful to be more in love with Jesus than I’ve ever been.”

At the end of the year, Hall said he hopes “Anthem of Grace” helps light a fire in the hearts of people who have not yet encountered the Lord.

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