Evangelist Killed by Extremists After Sharing Gospel Message

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An evangelist was reportedly slaughtered in eastern Uganda last month by Muslim extremists after he shared the Gospel and converted people to the Christian faith.

Richard Malinga’s body was discovered June 17 in a pool of blood and “tied with ropes,” according to a resident who spoke with Morning Star News on condition of anonymity.

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“I heard a loud wailing at around 7:30 p.m. on the main road between Butebo and Alodot village near Kayete Swamp in Akisim A village situated in Butebo District,” the individual said. “We dashed to the scene and found the victim in a pool of blood.”

Malinga, 36, had reportedly received death threats from Islamic extremists before his slaughter and texted his pastor that he had been surrounded by Muslims.

The group’s anger might have been sparked by the evangelist’s success in the Butebo District, where he preached door-to-door, to convert Muslims to Christianity.

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The pastor he texted detailed some of this to Morning Star News:

“The evening of June 17, I received a short message from Malinga of being surrounded by the Muslims,” the preacher said. “I wrote back to him several times, but there was no response.”

The local resident who found Malinga’s body reportedly found his phone and called the pastor, who then informed the police about the murder.

Authorities are reportedly investigating the killing as friends and loved ones mourn.

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