‘A Storm is Coming’: Troy Brewer’s Prophecy Over God’s Children

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James Lasher

When the church takes action and fulfills the call that Jesus gave to it, amazing change can happen in the world.

Recently, when talking to a large assembly of congressmen, senators and other influential people in Washington D.C., Pastor Troy Brewer was given a powerful word from the Lord about His children.

Addressing the evil that is child trafficking, Brewer proclaimed that “a storm is coming to Washington D.C.”

Sharing this experience with his congregation at OpenDoor Church in Burleson, Texas, Brewer described what the Lord had put on his heart in that moment.

“I talked about the tsunami of this hidden revival that God has been keeping, of a great awakening throughout the body of King Jesus towards the plights of children throughout the world. Where God Almighty is saying, ‘save My children,'” shares Brewer.

In the wake of the blockbuster movie “Sound of Freedom” starring Jim Caviezel, the spotlight has been moved to the heinous act of child slavery. Millions around the world are hearing the heart-wrenching stories of children being bought, sold and abused by the hundreds of thousands internationally, and God has made it clear: His children are not for sale.

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Brewer slammed home a necessary wake-up call for the body of Christ in that it is time to address the hard issues of our time and take a stand against the evil in our world.

“You could just tell it dings every time you tell somebody about [how] we pull babies out of septic tanks, ‘Oh that’s horrible, that’s terrible. I can’t talk about that. I have to find an air conditioner quickly.’ Yeah, the pansy body of Christ. That is the limp-wristed body of King Jesus,” says Brewer.

“We are talking about slavery of children. The church that has been quiet on this issue is now waking up and I liken it to the moment in America when the church actually began to feel the responsibility of if we do not speak against slavery in our nation, nobody else is coming,” he continues.

Brewer explained to the congregation that the Lord was going to pull this situation up by its roots in D.C. and since God confirms His Words to people, that is exactly what He did.

“We hop on a plane [and] get the heck out of Dodge, and off we go. [As] I left there, a storm came to D.C. with hurricane force winds that uprooted the trees where we were at and shut the power down,” revealed Brewer.

“It just uprooted trees. It was a thing that blew everybody’s mind. We [have] never seen a storm like this; it just uproots trees and shuts the power off in D.C. and it was just hours after I spoke that word on Capitol Hill,” continues Brewer.

“It was not because I was ‘Mr. Prophet.’ It is because I was ‘Mr. Preached the Word of God,’ and signs, miracles and wonders follow the preaching of the gospel and God Almighty confirms His Word,” explained Brewer.

As more and more people become aware and active in the eradication of evil in society, the need for the Word of God to make lasting change grows with them.

By actively engaging in this warfare, Christians not only shield themselves from the deceptions and temptations of the enemy but also contribute to the transformation of the world by spreading the light of Christ and resisting the darkness.

The importance of spiritual warfare underscores the profound impact that dedicated, faithful Christians can have in overcoming evil, bringing hope and ushering in God’s ultimate victory.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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