2023: A Year of Transition

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Abby Trivett

2023 was filled with lots of powerful words, but one of the words which seemed to capture a unique angle of the year was words about transitions. Some of these words spoke to national affairs, while others to personal ones. Yet, as God continues to shift and move His people closer to His return, we can expect a ruffling of feathers on all levels so we can move in the direction that postures us toward His heart to say, “Lord Jesus, come.”

Mike Signorelli

Pastor Mike Signorelli made it clear that while he doesn’t spend a great deal of time prophesying into the new year, he had a very specific word about 2023 being a year of personal transition for many people.

“I do feel that we are in a very significant transition and I want to speak to that,” Signorelli said. He explained the word “established” would be significant for many people in 2023.

“Many of you have been feeling like you’re going through a transition, you’ve been feeling like, ‘man, I’m not where I used to be, but I’m not where I’m supposed to be,’ but I believe that the Lord in 2023 is going to establish many people. He’s going to establish ministries, He’s going to establish entrepreneurship and businesses, and this is the year of being established,” Signorelli said.

He also explained that this was in particular a season for many who, like Joseph, have been rejected and misunderstood as they’ve been working the middle of a process ordained by God, would start to be established in what God has called them into.

“The Lord is going to establish Josephs in 2023 and the burden is going to turn into a blessing, and you are going to see the fulfillment of this word, and it’s just so much of an encouragement,” Signorelli said.

Mark Biltz

Pastor Mark Biltz also prophetically shared that this would be a year when God would reveal the things inside of each of us so that we could know how to shift and grow to ready ourselves for the coming of Christ.

“This is the year God is going to tip everyone over so we can see what’s inside of us that we are going to be shocked that it’s there because He wants us to be ready for His coming at any time, but we may not be ready,” Biltz said. “And the way He makes us ready is by knocking us over so things spill out of our hearts, our thoughts, so don’t be upset.”

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Curt Landry

Curt Landry said that 2023 would be a different year because he considered it a year of a “transfer of wealth.”

“The Lord showed this to me years ago that it was going to happen this year, and it’s already happening in many fronts,” Landry said. “Anytime there’s promotion…if you’re not emotionally settled, you’re not spiritually settled and you’re not financially settled with good counsel, you’re probably going to lose that money pretty quick…finances will usually accelerate the bad behavior, it will usually not cover it. So, with financial blessings coming I think this is a good time for some emotional stability, spiritual warfare, maturity and in addition to that financial wisdom to know how to operate with kingdom finance.”

Kent Christmas

In a later prophecy from September, Kent Christmas prophesied about both American politics and the church, but it is the church in particular that he said was in a transitionary season of shifting.

“I have shifted the church out of Chronos time, which is controlled by men, and I have started the clock in heaven…and I am loosing the Kairos timing,” Christmas said.

As God is shifting time to heaven-set instead of by earthly standards, Christmas says it will make the church even more beautiful in the approaching end times.

“I have seen my church in this last day,” Christmas prophesied. “And it’s a beautiful church. It’s radiant. It’s glorious. It glows with My glory.”

Whether you’ve seen 2023 to be a year of personal transition, one financially, in your church or in another area of life to propel you toward God’s plans and purposes for your life, the power and the purpose behind any and all shifting in this day and age is for one great and glorious purpose: to prepare us for the return of our risen King.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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