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Pastor Mike Signorelli Prophesies to Pioneers “God is Establishing Your Steps”

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Shelby Bowen

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The body of Christ is in a time of transition, not just because we are entering into a new year, but because God is birthing something new. You may be feeling you have moved forward on your journey, but you aren’t exactly where you are supposed to be yet. You’ve been pressing forward in the will of God and now is the time for you to step into a new thing.

We sat down with Pastor Mike Signorelli for a Charisma News interview to talk about how God is establishing your steps this next year. “I believe that the Lord in 2023 is going to establish many people. He’s going to establish ministries, He’s going to establish entrepreneurship and businesses.”

Signorelli says this is going to be the end of a lonely season for many people. “The Bible talks about how for righteousness sake you will be lonely, for righteousness sake you will be rejected, but those are just seasons.”

God is establishing your steps like Joseph

In Genesis 37 we see how God gave Joseph multiple dreams about the authority he would walk in. Joseph’s only family misunderstood and rejected him. Signorelli says, “I also believe like a Joseph, there’s many people who’ve been going through a long season of being misunderstood, rejected, a long season of going through a process.”

He says, “You’ve known that God is guiding that process but saying when is this going to actually turn into a blessing. For many of you the things that you believe and the things you have been saying have been more of a burden then a blessing.”

Joseph was betrayed by his family, had false accusations made against him, was thrown in prison and treated terribly but this was only a season in his life. The stances Joseph took got him in more trouble, and he wondered when it would lead to promotion.

“When you’re two steps ahead of people you’re their leader, but when you’re 10 steps ahead of people, unfortunately, you can be their martyr. For many of you, you’ve been so far ahead the things you’ve been pioneering, the things you’ve been seeing have made you a martyr,” Signorelli says.

If you have been misunderstood by churches and rejected by pastors because they were jealous of the anointing and the respect you garner from people, this word is for you.

Signorelli says, “Even though you operate from purity they have rejected you.”

New relationships are coming

In our interview, Signorelli says the greatest barrier in this next season isn’t going to be demonic, but it’s going to be you getting in the way of your blessings because of prior hurt. Don’t let past seasons stand in the way of new relationships because God says, “this time is different.”

Despite what has happened in the past, new relationships are on the horizon. Signorelli says, “The Lord has also been speaking to me about relationships and He’s going to change your circles to change your levels. You’ve decided, ‘I’m not going to be bitter. I’m not going to fight a spirit with the same spirit.'”

He warns that people around you are operating out of the spirit of competition, but in your heart you have said you aren’t going to participate, and as a result of that God is promoting you.

Word of warning

“I believe that the people that God is going to send into your life in 2023 are not normal to you. These people are going to dress different, talk different and act different and maybe come from different spheres of influences,” he says.

This may look like people from different denominations and streams so you may be unsure about their motives.

“Do not look with your natural eyes, do not listen with your natural ears, because what you have been through, don’t allow your heart to reject people. Don’t reject all pastors because you’ve been hurt by a pastor because God will change your circles to change your levels and you’re going to find these unusual pairings,” he says.

Signorelli points to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and their unusual pairing in Babylonian infrastructure.

“The Lord is going to give you wisdom because the people that God calls you to come together with in 2023, they may not sound like a Hebrew, they may sound like a Babylonian.”

Signorelli warns, “Don’t reject them because God is going to increase your ability to build kingdom infrastructure through your relationships.”

During the interview, Signorelli says that now is the time to laugh again, put the gas pedal down, don’t hold anything back, sacrifice and give like you’ve never given before.

“The Lord is going to meet you there on the other side of risk.”

Tune in to the full interview for a time of prayer with Pastor Mike Signorelli for this next season of life.

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Shelby Bowen is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.


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