Warnings Sound for Upcoming Eclipse

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James Lasher

Whether you are enamored by the physical beauty and awe of the upcoming Great American Eclipse 2024 or that this celestial event is a sign from God for humanity to pay close attention to, there is a multitude of alarms being raised over the sheer size of this event.

To date, several counties in the path of the solar eclipse have declared states of emergency for the vast numbers of onlookers who wish to see this amazing scene unfold, while the state of Oklahoma has called up their National Guard to assist with the massive influx of people.

As preparations are being made, more warnings are being released by authorities over various disruptions caused by the eclipse itself.

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The FAA has issued a warning regarding potential disruptions caused by the eclipse.

According to The Hill:

The FAA warned pilots to prepare for operational changes and higher-than-normal traffic volume at airports along the eclipse’s path. These airports include Burlington International Airport, Syracuse Hancock International Airport, Indianapolis International Airport, Fort Wayne Airport, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Buffalo Niagara International Airport and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Meanwhile, various business leaders for cellular companies as well as local authorities have warned the public that cell service may also be disrupted during the eclipse as over 1 million visitors are expected to flock to areas within the eclipse’s path.

According to Rebecca Owens, director of the Richland County Emergency Management Authority in Ashland, Ohio, in a statement to the Richland Source, “Cell phone (reception) will be very, very sketchy. There will be lots of issues with connectivity and that type of thing.”

The news outlet Unilad reported that:

With an expected one million tourists heading to Texas, 500,000 flocking to Indiana and Ohio – where Richland County is – and around 400,000 visiting New York, it’s feared that the huge influx of people gathering to watch the eclipse could cause problems with cell connectivity.

Companies such as T-Mobile and Verizon are reportedly working to get out ahead of the problem and are working to increase network capacity for the eclipse hunters.

A surge in usage not withstanding, NASA has previously announced that the eclipse itself could cause some issues with connectivity during the celestial event.

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“The sudden changes in ionospheric conditions during an eclipse can lead to the formation of ionospheric anomalies, such as ionospheric holes or depletions,” wrote HamSCI Citizen Science Team Member McKenzie Denton.

“These anomalies can disrupt radio signals and GPS navigation systems, affecting communication and navigation over the affected regions.

“… The altered ionospheric conditions during an eclipse can change how radio waves propagate through the ionosphere.

“This can cause signal fading, absorption, and refraction, affecting shortwave and satellite communication systems.”

The total solar eclipse is going to occur on Apr. 8, 2024, with the next eclipse expected to occur June 21, 2039.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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