Russell Brand Connects With ‘The Chosen’ Star in Search of Christian Friends

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Abby Trivett

Who could be a better Christian friend than the man who plays Jesus himself?

Russell Brand announced that he would have Jonathan Roumie on his Locals channel as he seeks out “Christian friends” to have on his show.

“I’ve been a Christian for a little while now, so I think it’s time to have some Christian friends on the show,” Brand wrote on X.

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“Who would be a good Christian friend?” Brand asks in the X video.

In a Facebook reel, Roumie can be seen giving his testimony to Brand about how God transformed his life from a place of dire need to making it abundantly more than he ever thought possible.

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“Seven years ago, when I was working with you, I was dead broke man,” Roumie says. “That job for me as a stand in was one of the lifelines that kept me from completely just drowning in financial misery.”

Roumie says it was when he gave up control of his life that God gave him far beyond anything he ever imagined or asked for.

“I essentially had to let go of the reins of the control of my life of trying to think that I was responsible for everything, that I could do it all, that I knew better than God,” Roumie says.

Roumie shares that once he released his own vision for his life and career that’s when God changed everything around.

“I knew in that moment that this answered prayer was the beginning of the next chapter of my life,” Roumie says.

Roumie’s appearance with Brand comes after Brand announced his newfound faith and baptism.

“Something occurred in the process of baptism that was incredible, overwhelming,” Brand shared in a video after his baptism.

He also said he was “grateful to be surrendered in Christ” following his baptism. Brand further is taking the time to learn about the Holy Spirit and how He guides us along for godly living.

“As my gentle, delicate relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord continues to grow, I feel this sense of connection,” Brand says.

As Brand noted before, he will indeed make mistakes as he tries to figure out his new faith in Christ. However, as he continues to take steps to learn more about Jesus and live according to the Spirit, this is the time for Christians to pray for him to grow and mature in this relationship.

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