Morning Rundown: Gateway Elders and Robert Morris’ Son Take Temporary Leaves of Absence

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Gateway Elders and Robert Morris’ Son Take Temporary Leaves of Absence

On a statement on Gateway’s website, the church noted that this decision came from a recommendation by the law firm they are working with to investigate into the sexual abuse of Cindy Clemishire by Robert Morris, which he has previously admitted to in part.

Thank you for your grace, prayers, and support for all members of our Gateway Church family in recent days,” the statement began. “The Gateway Board of Elders is committed to leading with integrity and humility as we navigate this difficult season together.” “As Haynes and Boone begins their work,” it continues, “they have recommended that any Gateway Church Elder with a potential conflict of interest take a temporary leave of absence from the Board of Elders. This includes any Elder with a relational conflict and those Elders who were on the Board from 2005-2007. Haynes and Boone made this recommendation consistent with best practices for inquires of this nature. A leave of absence in no way whatsoever assumes or implies that any Elder had any knowledge of the true facts related to this situation.”

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Another Unexplainable Monolith Appears

Another monolith has appeared on a dairy farm in Colorado.

In Bellvue, Colorado, Howling Cow Café and Morning Fresh Dairy Farm owner Lori Graves has been adapting to one of the wildest additions in town: a mysterious monolith discovered on her property.

Speaking with local outlet, KDVR, Graves says, “It was Sunday morning…when someone came into the café and said, ‘Where is the monolith? Where is the alien monolith?’”

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Trump Jan. 6 Case Shaken by New Supreme Court Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court has released its decision regarding presidential immunity in the case involving President Trump’s actions on Jan. 6, 2020.

The court did issue some major rulings about immunity but chose not to issue a direct ruling in Trump’s specific case at this time, kicking it back down to the lower courts. The high court said the lower courts simply hadn’t finished the job.

That move will extend the delay in special counsel Jack Smith’s criminal case against Trump, essentially ending prospects that he could be tried before the November election.

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