Morning Rundown: 6 Ways You Can Lose God’s Anointing on Your Life

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6 Ways You Can Lose God’s Anointing on Your Life

When you allow God’s purification process in your life, you must remain vigilant about six key things that can weaken the empowering anointing on you.

The Bible says we are to resist the devil, but it says resist not the Holy Spirit, grieve the Holy Spirit, quench not the Holy Spirit.

Why? The Holy Spirit is as gentle as a dove, and He will not stay if there is a challenge.

A Global Movement of Radical Young Adults is Emerging

Last week I arrived in Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, to train some missionaries and to speak in a few meetings before heading to the mainland. I knew that Zanzibar was predominantly Muslim, and that in the past Christians there have suffered from persecution.

I didn’t know that this beautiful island, now a vacation paradise, was once the headquarters of the global slave trade—controlled by Arabs from the nation of Oman.

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When I arrived I was greeted by a young leader named Ben, who directs the work of Overland Missions on the island. Ben is only 27, but he and his wife, Kelsi, lead a team of church planters and evangelists. Most of the people working with Overland in Zanzibar and Tanzania are in their 20s and 30s. {eoa}

Are You Engaged in the War for the Soul of America?

There is a war being fought for the soul of America, a war being fought in the physical and spiritual realms. Now all we must do is faithfully fight our battle.

It’s time to reject the hopeless picture of America the Left continues to paint. They trivialize God’s providence in our past and refuse His blessings in our future. Throughout America’s history, we’ve seen God’s hand of favor. I refuse to watch America continue down the path of Godlessness and hopelessness.

In talking with my friend Charlie Kirk, we brainstormed a way to bring about the change we wanted to see in America—revival in all 50 states. From that, the Kingdom to the Capitol Tour was born! {eoa}

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