Are You Engaged in the War for the Soul of America?

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Sean Feucht

There is a war being fought for the soul of America, a war being fought in the physical and spiritual realms. Jesus’s death and resurrection won the war. Now all we must do is faithfully fight our battle.

It’s time to reject the hopeless picture of America the Left continues to paint. They trivialize God’s providence in our past and refuse His blessings in our future. Throughout America’s history, we’ve seen God’s hand of favor. I refuse to watch America continue down the path of Godlessness and hopelessness.

In talking with my friend Charlie Kirk, we brainstormed a way to bring about the change we wanted to see in America—revival in all 50 states. From that, the Kingdom to the Capitol Tour was born!

Sean Feucht Expects ‘Elijah, Mount Carmel Showdown’ at Washington Tour Stop

Over the past four months, we’ve seen God move in the hearts of people all across our country. Through our partnership with TPUSA Faith, the Kingdom to the Capitol Tour brought revivals to the centers of power—21 state capitol buildings so far, with more scheduled through the rest of the year.

Throughout our journey to spread the gospel and bring revival to America, we have encountered great resistance from the enemy. Physical and spiritual forces are at work against us, trying to halt and reverse the move of God.

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We’ve been pelted with rocks by black-clad Antifa members. We’ve seen satanists mock us with their “Let Us Burn” tour. Our next Kingdom to the Capitol stop is in Olympia, Washington, and in the lead-up to that revival, a group of satanists announced a protest, complete with “un-baptisms” and “gender-affirming rituals.

The enemy is attacking, but not winning. We’ve witnessed a life-changing breakthrough everywhere we’ve gone. That Antifa group that pelted us with rocks? A member gave their life to Jesus just days later.

The satanic attacks? The leader of South Africa’s satanic church gave his life to Jesus the week we arrived to hold a revival. We’ve seen the suicidal, drug-addicted and broken find a full life, freedom from addiction and total restoration. We serve a God who heals, and all we have to do is say yes and obey!

Sean Feucht: The Righteous Must Seize Cultural Authority

I don’t know what God has in store for the rest of the TPUSA Faith’s Kingdom to the Capitol Tour, but if it’s anything like the start, one thing won’t change—we will preach the gospel, we will face opposition and we will see God’s victory! {eoa}

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Sean Feucht is a TPUSA Faith Contributor as well as the Founder of Let Us Worship and The Kingdom to the Capitol Tour, a live worship experience in partnership with TPUSA Faith that is praying for revival and visiting all 50 state capitol buildings across America.

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