Jack Hibbs Encourages Christians to Join in Tennessee’s Month of Prayer and Fasting

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Abby Trivett

Pastor Jack Hibbs is encouraging believers to join him and the governor of Tennessee for a month of prayer and fasting this July.

“Every day for the next 30 days I’m inviting you for you and I to join in with the request, the proclamation of Tennessee’s governor, Bill Lee, who has decided as with his government and with his state to seek the Lord for mercy and for healing,” Hibbs says.

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Hibbs believes this can be a critical time for all to seek the Lord’s face as God leads each member of the body of Christ.

Since joining in this time of prayer and fasting that began yesterday, Hibbs says he’s spoken to four different media outlets about why he is joining in this movement.

“I’m telling them it’s all about the challenge by the governor of Tennessee,” Hibbs says.

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This decision to join the Volunteer State in prayer and fasting serves as a bigger purpose to pray for our nation during this time.

The letter that went along with the bill declaring this to be a time of prayer and fasting encouraged, “those who are physically able and spiritually inclined to do so to join in a 30-day season of prayer and intermittent fasting for the month of July as a means of humbling ourselves to receive God’s grace, mercy and blessing in Tennessee and in our nation.”

As we near Independence Day, what better opportunity to jump into a time of prayer on behalf of America?

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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