County Commission Meeting Turns Into Praise and Worship Service

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James Lasher

The ongoing legal battles between the Wilson County local government and Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church took a particularly interesting turn at the most recent Wilson County Planning Commission meeting.

For months now, there has been back and forth from the county and church over potential legal battles, alleged zoning violations and noise complaints.

Even the sheriff of Wilson County has indicated that he will be invoicing the church for $7,500. This charge is due to the additional expenses incurred by officers working overtime during the church’s Labor Day event. Additionally, County Commissioners have reached out to state authorities for assistance in covering the costs of additional resources required for the event.

Meanwhile, Locke maintains that “We’ve not violated any laws,” considering that Wilson County does not even have a noise ordinance at present.

According to Locke, GVBC has diligently fulfilled all official requirements, investing significant funds in equipment, permits and legal counsel, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has reiterated multiple times that the church is fully compliant with the demands of the local government.

Most recently, on Friday, Sept. 22, another hearing before the Wilson County Planning Commission was held, which Locke asked church members to attend in support of GVBC.

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“I want you to fill the room to overflowing,” Locke requested. “Now if you can’t control your temper, stay home.”

Well, the congregants listened to their pastor, and instead of any contention or division during the commission’s meeting, worship broke out.

Just as it is spoken in Isaiah 61, when combating the spirit of heaviness, put on a garment of praise (v.3).

Praise invited the presence of God into the commission hearing, and He is the overcomer of all obstacles.

There will always be times of difficulty and heaviness in life, but when praise and worship are offered up to the throne of the Most High God, His power springs forth into the situation, creating miraculous results for which only He can get the glory.

As the legal battles remain for Locke and GVBC, one thing is for sure: Letting God take the lead on any problems encountered is the best way to approach the issue.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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