Charisma Highlights: Prophecy: The United Kingdom, the Great Shift and What It Means for Everyone

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In this article, I will share several things that I believe are relative to right now. It includes prophetic words that I have received recently, and words that I have previously released.

This is mostly to make sure we realize where we are, and what is going on in the world. These things will affect us all. I encourage you to read all of it as I am going to touch on many things.

Below is a word that I released in 2018. I speak specifically about when Her Majesty the Queen would pass on, and the shift that would come with that. It will be greater than we realize. This marks the full ending of an era, and many shifts will come in the entire world.

As nations mourn the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, I feel an urgency to point back to prophetic insight the Lord gave me in August 2019 concerning the Queen’s passing.

It’s a promise and a warning.

I offer this in a spirit of humility and compassion, knowing that some may not want to hear it, but many others desperately need to hear it. I have held my peace through the initial shock of the loss. Now, I feel it’s time to share.

All glory, honor and praise be to the One who sits on the highest throne, Almighty God—the Lord of hosts is His name—Who judges the nations and its leaders; Who upholds the cause of the fatherless; the holy One who rules and reigns forevermore, and to His kingdom there is no end.

The Dry Places in Your Land Have Triggered an Early Fall

“Dry places in your land—both in the spirit and the natural,” says the Lord, “…the dry places in your land have triggered the process of an early fall,” says the Lord of hosts, “as the trees give up and let go of their leaves in order to preserve in the dryness.

“And,” says the Lord of hosts, “this dryness, this early fall, is connected to the rebellious leaders within your states and the land. For as Ahab’s rebellion caused drought to fall upon the land, so the rebellion of these wicked leaders has produced nothing but dryness and stubble, lack and thorns, in your land.”

Cindy Jacobs Prophesies: The Lord Says, ‘The Plans I Have for You Will Bring Great Fruit’ 

I’m here in my office at Generals and I was just asking the Lord for a word for you today. These are times where Satan is trying to bring chaos to our emotions.

But the word that I got today was “confidence,” and the scripture that I got is Hebrews 10:35, which says, “Don’t cast away your confidence which has great reward.” “Recompense of reward” is how the King James Version says it.

Satan is trying to demoralize and bring disappointment to you. I see that he’s sending thoughts into your mind that things are never going to get better, that your finances are never coming, that things will not change, that that child will not be saved. There were times when I’ve had disappointments and thought that things were going to go one way, but they didn’t, and it was demoralizing. But the thing is that we’ve got to be very conscious of our thought life and cast down imaginations that are coming against us.

The veil has been torn back and those of us who are spiritually sensitive can tell something is building in the Spirit. I spoke with Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, the host of “Jewish Voice” on how we can understand the connection between the natural and Spirit realm regarding what is going on in America today.

In my interview with Bernis on my podcast “Strang Report,” we discussed Jonathan Cahn’s new book “The Return of the Gods” which Bernis believes is his most revelatory, important work to date.

Bernis shares how ancient false gods have returned to the earth and infiltrated our culture as we know it today.



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