Spiritual Warfare

  • How to Take Back Your Territory

    How to Take Back Your Territory

    The devil bombards you with one crisis after another so that you will give up. You must learn to fight back. As I was walking to my car from the grocery store recently, I was swept along by several strong gusts of wind. They caused traffic lights to sway, flags to ripple and pop, and

  • Twilight of Christian Europe

    In Sweden, France and other countries, governments are harassing churches. Believers there could be just a few steps away from serious persecution.

  • Keys to Defeating the Devil

    Keys to Defeating the Devil

    During the first several years after I became a charismatic Christian, I listened to a lot of teaching on spiritual warfare. I tried to learn all I could to defeat the devil because it was obvious he was giving me a lot of trouble. I wanted the upper hand for a change. It seemed I

  • Pray for Freedom

    Democracy is an obstacle to Islam. It will never bring cooperation from Muslim radicals.

  • 6 Ways to Determine if You Need Deliverance Ministry

    6 Ways to Determine if You Need Deliverance Ministry

    Brian was an angry young man. It took very little for him to fly off the handle. His fits of screaming and yelling at those he loved made everyone miserable. When interviewed, he shared about his terrible childhood. His father was a cruel man who consistently tore him down with unloving and unkind words. In

  • There’s a Devil in the Church!

    There’s a Devil in the Church!

    Did you know that one of the craftiest agents of Satan hides in our churches? It is called the spirit of religion–and we must oppose it if we want to follow the Lord fully. I have heard the term “the spirit of religion” mentioned in sermons probably a thousand times. But until about ten years

  • The 5 Keys to True Deliverance

    The 5 Keys to True Deliverance

    GOD HAS GIVEN US POWER OVER THE ENEMY. IF YOU BELIEVE CHRIST CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE, THEN DELIVERANCE IS FOR YOU. If you are a believer, then Jesus has given you the authority to represent Him. Mark 16:17-18 tells us: “‘These signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast

  • Captivated by the Occult

    Captivated by the Occult

    Don’t be fooled as I was. Recognize occultic influences for what they are. I didn’t want to face my furies. I wanted someone else to do it for me. As a compulsive person, I was particularly vulnerable to the quick fix of mind-bending fads and cults. Compulsive people are dependency-prone. And from childhood I’d been

  • They Call Her the Demon Buster

    Kim Daniels takes her nickname seriously. Since she began her evangelistic ministry in Florida, she’s seen homosexuals healed, witches converted to Christ and mentally deranged people set free by God’s power. It’s not uncommon to see the blue steel of a gun on the corner of Blue and Steele streets in Jacksonville, Fla. Yet in

  • Eddie Long: Why You Need to Spiritually Clean House

    Have you ever noticed that empty houses rarely remain empty? Whether you realize it or not, there are unwanted dwellers that can’t wait for you to move out so they can move in. I’m not talking about vagrants or homesteaders. I’m talking about stealthier unwanted guests. You can clean a room and within days, dust,

  • Delivered From Voodoo’s Spell

    Today Contessa Adams is free. But the horrifying story of her bondage to Santería and voodoo stands as a strong warning to anyone experimenting with Afro-Caribbean religions.

  • Stop Blaming the Devil!

    Stop Blaming the Devil!

    So many Christians focus their energy on fighting Satan when we should be humbling ourselves before God. Find out why the devil may not be your problem. When was the last time you ran a reality check on your perceptions of God’s Word? Too many believers embrace popular misunderstandings of what God has said rather

  • Break the Power of Shame

    Break the Power of Shame

    Are you man enough to give yourself to Him, even in the midst of your failure? There is no issue more fundamentally important to your spiritual growth than your understanding of the personality of Jesus Christ. It goes beyond just knowing His mission to what He thinks and how He feels–especially the way that He

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