Eric Tiansay

  • Not Just Fun and Games

    Youngsters today are subjected to hours of violence and occultism through video games. Yet Christians in the gaming industry are bringing the gospel into their dark world.

  • He Asked God for Nations

    Alberto Mottesi remembers when Latin America's evangelical churches were tiny. Today, the region is engulfed in revival.

  • Warriors of Light

    Though some Christians denounce all forms of martial arts because of ties to Eastern religion, others use karate, tae kwon do, tai chi and jujitsu to reach seekers with the message of Christ.

  • God in the NFL

    Star quarterback Mark Brunell helped start a church in Jacksonville, Florida. And he's not the only pro athlete today who is scoring big points for Jesus.

  • The Battle for the Bible

    The Battle for the Bible

    In Today’s New International Version, pronouns have been adjusted to make the Scriptures more inclusive of women. But this new translation has sparked a firestorm of angry criticism. A controversial new version of America’s best-selling Bible has divided some charismatic-Pentecostal leaders over the issue of gender references. Since January when its publication was announced, the

  • God Needs Trailblazers

    They cross dangerous rivers, hike through deserts and drive into impenetrable jungles. There’s nowhere on the planet Philip and Sharon Smethurst won’t go for Jesus. Wanted: Adventurous young adult willing to travel to exotic, remote lands to advance the kingdom of God. Think apostle Paul meets Survivor. That’s the adventure premise offered by a progressive

  • One Lunch can Feed a Multitude

    A ministry born out of the compassion of a 12-year-old missionary boy is offering nourishment and the good news of Jesus to hundreds of youngsters in Guatemala and Mexico

  • Super Bowl Religion

    On football's biggest day, Christians used the matchup between the St. Louis Rams and the New England Patriots as an opportunity to spread the gospel.

  • Tampa Bay Gets ‘Dream Center’

    The first outpost of the well-known Los Angeles ministry opened in September

  • Living Water Teaching Mission Carries on After Plane Tragedy

    After a fatal crash killed her husband and son two years ago, Marion Zirkle continues their work in Guatemala

  • Florida’s ‘Church Without Walls’ gets a building


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