Allen Parr

  • Allen Parr Unveils the Signs of a False Teacher

    Allen Parr Unveils the Signs of a False Teacher

    In our world today, it seems as though Christians are attacking other Christians in unprecedented numbers. Are many of these teachers actually false teachers, or do we just disagree with one another? In an exclusive interview with Charisma News, YouTuber Allen Parr discussed the ways we can know if someone is truly a false teacher

  • Should Christians Be Cremated?

    Should Christians Be Cremated?

    In a recent episode of THE BEAT by Allen Parr, the rising trend of cremation over traditional burial among Americans was examined, sparking a biblical exploration of whether Christians should consider this option when faced with end-of-life decisions. Cremation on the Rise: A Changing Landscape Parr, host of THE BEAT, reported on the shifting cultural

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