Using Your Dunamis Authority Against the Enemy

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Marilyn Hickey Ministries

If you’re a Christian, you have spiritual authority over your home to block Satan’s attacks, overcome temptations, break free from generational curses, and receive divine protection.

You can take the name of Jesus and you can bind principalities, powers and rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places and Satan. You can render them harmless and ineffective if you take your authority in the name of Jesus to bind these things.

You have to understand who the enemy is. You might argue with your spouse, parents kids, boss, etc., but the enemy would love to have us fight the wrong enemy. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and wickedness in high places. You need to know who the enemy is so you can actually fight, but if you don’t know who the enemy is then you fight the wrong person.

Don’t let the devil walk on you, you can walk on the devil. Luke 10:19 says Christians have all the power over the enemy. When you see a problem in your family or relationships, take authority over it. Don’t just lay down, be somebody who binds the enemy.

Jesus made you to be a victor. Learn how to equip yourself with Dunamis—dynamite power—and engage in spiritual battles and win. God’s Word can work out of your mouth and heart, and it will transform your family. Resist the devil, stand up take authority and the blood of Jesus, and the devil will flee. You have authority in the name of Jesus and you can use that name.

Marilyn Hickey founded Marilyn Hickey Ministries more than 45 years ago with God’s vision to cover the earth with the Word. Marilyn co-hosts a daily television program, Today with Marilyn & Sarah, reaching a potential viewing audience of over 2 billion households worldwide. Marilyn communicates deep biblical truths in a way that is understandable and practical for everyday life.

Sarah Bowling is on a mission to connect every one with the heart of God while loving those who are overlooked, excluded, and ignored.  Led by Holy Spirit and anchored in the Word, Sarah seeks to inspire all to know the unconditional and transformational love of God in our daily lives. A Bible teacher, author, international speaker, and a global humanitarian, Sarah also co-hosts a daily television program, Today with Marilyn & Sarah.

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