Jonathan Cahn Reveals the Heresy of Falling in Love

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Abby Trivett

Is it a bad thing to fall in love?

In a recently shared YouTube message, Jonathan Cahn unveiled the problem with the world’s notion of what it means to love, and how true love differs from how culture tells us to love.

“The love of God in you is a love that is not caused by other things. You love regardless. That’s the love of God,” Cahn says.

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Cahn points out that the love of the heavenly Father is the kind that is sacrificial. For Jesus, His love for us was sacrificial to the point of death. While the world may sing songs about love in the context of how we feel in the moment, this Cahn says, is not what love is all about. These fleeting feelings associated with temporary happiness is something Cahn warns that has found its way into the church.

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“It’s even seeped into the kingdom of God among believers,” Cahn says. “Often when we say we love something, we mean that ‘it makes me feel good.’”

Cahn further points out that the Bible doesn’t tell us to fall in love. Instead, God commands us to love. We are called to the action of loving one another, not just to feel an emotion.

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“It’s easy to fall in love because you think the person you fall in love with is going to just bring you all the happiness in the world,” Cahn says. “We are to love those who are not lovely or not lovable or not evening loving.”

Ultimately, love is a choice that must be made daily. It cannot rely on emotions alone.

“When you choose to love, when it’s not warranted, not deserved, not expected, not requited, not invoked by the other person…that means that the love of God in you is a love that is not caused by other things, you love regardless. That’s the love of God,” Cahn says.

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