How I Prayed for the Darkest Place on Earth

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Bunni Pounds

Just before the 2018 Texas primary run-off, I shared with a friend, “You haven’t lived until almost a million dollars in negative advertising is hurled at you.”

Five years on, while I may not grasp the pain of Coptic Christians in Egypt or the rejection faced by former Muslims converting to Christianity, I understand the grueling political arena, enduring as a consultant and later as a congressional candidate. These decades dedicated to America define who I am today.

At the start of 2018, my days were a whirlwind of drives across East Texas, campaigning, and relentless cellphone fundraising. I was on a destiny-driven mission.

When U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling retired, I unexpectedly found myself in the race for his seat, transitioning from a political consultant to a congressional candidate, sacrificing everything. Insane? Absolutely!

I was now vying for a seat in Congress!

During those tumultuous months, I felt courageous some days, others I questioned my sanity. Yet, having served as Hensarling’s campaign manager for a decade, my deep connections and understanding of federal policy were unparalleled. Above all, I genuinely cared for the people of the district.

In that intense season, my daily prayer was simple:

“God, I just want to be where You are. I’m willing to go wherever You lead me, even to Washington D.C. I am willing to go to the darkest place on the planet.”

A decade in politics had convinced me that Washington, D.C. was in extreme darkness.

Navigating policy intricacies, addressing people’s problems with the federal government, and dealing with the media required more than my strength. Facing the urgency of unprecedented fundraising, I chose to walk with Jesus through it. His peace and joy or perish – there was no alternative.

You haven’t lived until you’re on the frontlines of a battle, far from where your abilities can shape outcomes. I was now immersed in an adventure of complete dependence on God.

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