Craig Groeschel: 3 Ways Dads Can Lead Their Kids to Jesus

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Abby Trivett

Father’s Day is a time to thank our fathers and reflect on the impact our dads have had on our lives. So, what are a few of the ways that godly men can make an impact on their kids for the Lord?

In a message to Life Church, Craig Groeschel discussed the three best gifts that parents can give to their kids.

  • Christian fathers prioritize raise their kids in godly fellowship with others.

Having children is not a journey meant to be done alone. It should be done with others who can bring a biblical influence into their lives.

“If you asked me, Craig, or you ask Amy, what one thing did you all do as parents to help set your children up for lasting spiritual success? We both would answer that we worked to help them create, to build and to be a part of an intentional Christ-centered community,” Groeschel says.

“If there is one thing that we did above anything else that helped our children thrive spiritually, it was to get them involved, to plant their roots deep in a very intentional Christ-centered community of like-minded friends,” Groeschel says.

  • Godly fathers give their children a standard worth achieving.

Parents that want their children to love the Lord with all of their heart have to model the kind of godly relationship they desire them to have with Jesus. Teaching them prayers and leading them in devotions are the kinds of examples that should be set so kids can see how to walk with the Lord.

“Let me remind you, if you don’t expect much from your kids, you won’t get much,” Groeschel says. “If you believe they are capable of more, if you believe they could actually memorize a book of the Bible, might not only make their bed, but they might grow spiritually.”

“So how are we going to help them love the Lord, the God with all their heart, mind and soul and strength?” he continues. “It’s probably not going to come by just making their TikTok videos their devotions as they’re watching somebody else on a 30-second clip.”

  • Faith-filled fathers focus on the truths about God that make faith worth sharing.

Instead of speaking to their children about God only on Sundays before church, Groeschel says it’s key for parents to make discussion about the Lord part of normal, daily routines. Kids not only then see that you are serious about your faith, but it makes them want to have a faith like yours.

 This Father’s Day, take the time to focus on the wonderful men who have shown you what the love of Christ looks like and how they have sacrificially served you in the way Christ does.

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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