Christians, It’s Time to Stop the Obsession with Demons

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Abby Trivett

There’s no power greater than the power of the Holy Spirit. Yet, so many Christians have found themselves completely eaten away by fears about the demonic.

“This group of saints do in fact see the demonic in everything. From coffee in hand to gestures to symbols on buildings and street signs to cell phone and 5G towers,” Pagani says. “To them, every sickness has a direct line to hell.”

“We are so demon-conscious that we’ve lost the beauty of seeing where God is working,” Pagani says. “Yes, the devil is at work through the children of disobedience and occult symbolism is all around us, but the kingdom of light is more at work than the kingdom of darkness.”

Pagani says he himself fell into the trap of being too focused on the darkness when he first entered into deliverance ministry. Now, it’s his goal to keep other Christians focused on the eternal goodness and light of Christ instead of the enemy’s darkness.

“This is why I wrote my third upcoming book, ‘The Secrets to Maintaining Your Deliverance,’” Pagani says. “I encourage you to stay away from becoming so focused on looking for the devil that you see more darkness than light.”

If you’ve been struggling to stay completely focused on the goodness of God, take your struggles to Him and ask that He help you see things from the perspective that He desires—one that’s about expanding the kingdom of God instead of being captivated by fear.

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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