Are You Too Emotional?

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Sheri Rose Shepherd

Have you ever been told that
you’re too emotional? Have you ever heard people say, “Emotions are
unspiritual. You need to ignore your feelings and live by faith”? If they
are right and we are supposed to ignore our emotions, then why did God give
them to us in the first place?

I would like to assure you that
there is nothing wrong with your emotions. Emotions were designed by God for a
reason. God designed you to feel because you were created in His image—and God
feels! More than 2,000 instances in the Bible refer to the emotions of God.

It seems obvious why a loving God
would create positive emotions such as joy, peace, excitement and confidence.
But why would unpleasant, negative emotions such as loneliness, grief,
rejection, despair, anger and frustration be a part of His creative plan for

Emotions, both positive and
negative, were created by God to reveal the condition of the human spirit.
Negative emotions are a warning sign that something is wrong. Just as physical
pain reveals that there is something wrong with our bodies, negative emotions
signal that something requires attention in our spirits. They are evidence that
damage has been done—whether by us or by someone else—and that we are in pain.

If you are suffering from
emotional pain, pay attention to the six “don’ts” of emotional

1. Don’t ignore it! Ignoring the
warning signs will not make them go away any more than ignoring a gas gauge
that registers “empty” will allow your car to continue to run.

2. Don’t excuse it! Many of us
make excuses for our emotional pain rather than looking at the problem that’s
causing it.

3. Don’t decorate it! Many times
we decorate our pain with pretty houses, pretty clothes and prestigious

4. Don’t cover it up! Many of us
cover up with accomplishments and excessive activity.

5. Don’t pretend it’s not there!
Many of us have no idea why we’re feeling pain because we pretend that
everything is OK.

6. Don’t postpone dealing with
it! If you put off dealing with your warning signs, they will eventually deal
with you.

When a warning light comes on in
a car, putting a piece of black tape over the light won’t fix the car. When a
car needs repair, it should be taken to a mechanic, someone who knows how the
car works and understands how to fix it. Otherwise, it will eventually break
down completely, leaving the driver stranded.

The same is true of our emotional
states. If we deny our negative emotions, covering up the warning signals of
our spirits, we will slowly die inwardly. God is a God of truth—and only the
truth can set us free. We need to go to Him with our pain and allow Him to heal

It’s time to get real with God.
Voice to Him your bitterness, jealousy, envy, hatred and resentment. Invite Him
into the dark places where you hide your pain. He promises to be your strength
when you’re weak. He will be a light in your darkness.

The woman with the issue of blood
described in the fifth chapter of the gospel of Mark knew where to turn when
she needed healing. “If I could just touch the hem of His garment, I would
be healed,” she said, referring to Jesus. She was determined to push
through any obstacle to get to Him.

Jesus is your answer, too. He
knows and understands your pain, and He loves and accepts you in your frail
condition. When your little bit of faith lays hold of the power of Jesus, He is
able to grant you peace and freedom—and in His time, healing.

POWER WEEK OF 1/10/2011

a breakthrough in 2011 by taking inventory of your emotions and bringing them
to God. Thank Him for His faithfulness and healing in your life. Yield your
will to His as you pray for the special needs in your life, your family,
community, church, city, state, nation, and the world. Continue to pray for the
peace of Israel and the persecuted church.  Pray that revival would spread across our nation, and
remember the president, his cabinet, family and all those newly elected and
taking office this month.  James

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