Was This Prophecy About Gateway Church Fulfilled?

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Abby Trivett

Has a prophecy about Gateway Church been fulfilled?

Black says this warning about the enemy’s focus on Gateway means that it is imperative for the body of Christ to cover this church in prayer. Believers also must not fall to the trap of fear and intimidation.

“Then I heard the Lord say, ‘Don’t let it in. Tell fear it must go.’ And He said, ‘Unite to pray and cover Gateway Worship. The mixture of worship and the Word is infiltrating homes and setting people free and the devil is mad,’” Black prophesies.

“I heard the Lord say this next: ‘My power is flowing through you to reach nations. To reach the lost. To set captives free through the testimony of God’s amazing grace in Jesus Christ,’” Black prophesies.

This prophecy also discussed the fire of the Holy Spirit falling on the members of Gateway as God will “raise up leadership to step in and stand in the gap.”

“He’s trying to bring back up old habits or shame from past sins that have been covered by the blood,” Black says. “He’s trying to bring those back up to try to put a stumbling block in front of us or to try to stop us from walking out the will of God in our lives and the Word says ‘Who will bring charges against God’s elect? God is the one who justifies; who is the one who condemns?’ (Romans 8:33-34).”

Black later released an additional statement for greater context on this unfolding news: “I am deeply saddened by the news about Pastor Morris. My heart goes out to the victim and anyone who has been hurt by his actions. Though I do believe the prophetic word I heard over a year ago does potentially apply to the current situation, it does not in any way excuse or cover over past sin. Although Jesus’ blood does provide forgiveness for sin for all who repent and turn to Him for salvation, there often still are very real consequences for sins in this life. So, I don’t believe God is glossing over the sin that occurred. Instead, I believe that prophetic word is an indicator of the truth that God sees the members and followers of Gateway Church right where they are and that He has strength and encouragement specifically for them even through this heartache. I believe He knew exactly what they would be walking through right now. As the body of Christ, we need to pray and encourage them any way we can.”

As Gateway Church goes through this time of shaking, let’s remember to cover all those impacted by these trials in prayer.

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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