Prophetic Perspective of Robert Morris Sexual Abuse Scandal

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The news of sexual abuse by now-former pastor of Gateway Church Robert Morris against a 12-year-old girl has shocked the church worldwide.

One prophetic voice, Troy Black, spoke about a spiritual attack being waged against the church over a year ago, but says that it in no way excuses the sins committed by Morris:

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I am deeply saddened by the news about Pastor Morris. My heart goes out to the victim and anyone who has been hurt by his actions. Though I do believe the prophetic word I heard over a year ago potentially applies to the current situation, it does not in any way excuse or cover past sin. Although Jesus’ blood provides forgiveness for sin for all who repent and turn to Him for salvation, there are still very real consequences for sins in this life. So, I don’t believe God is glossing over the sin that occurred. Instead, I believe that prophetic word indicates that God sees the members and followers of Gateway Church right where they are and that He has strength and encouragement specifically for them even through this heartache. I believe He knew exactly what they would be walking through right now. As the body of Christ, we need to pray for and encourage them in any way we can.

Thousands of Christian brothers and sisters have had their world rocked by this bombshell revelation, and a victim has had to live her life with the trauma caused by this event.

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Many are now in need of prayer as their spiritual world has been thrown into turmoil, and trust has been betrayed.

Keep them all in your prayers as they navigate a landscape so different than the one they were walking merely a week ago.

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