Kent Christmas’ Prophetic Warning to the Lukewarm Church

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Abby Trivett

In a recent video, Kent Christmas shared a prophetic warning to the lukewarm church and the leaders who fall into this category.

“Know this, saith the Lord, the ears of men are going to begin to tingle at the sound of the reports that’s going to begin to come forth, not just out of this nation, but I am shaking the earth now,” Christmas said.

Christmas prophesied that the Lord is getting ready to show the world who He is through His justice and righteousness, and one of the ways He is going to do that is by dealing with arrogance and the lukewarm leaders who have not followed the Lord the way He commands.

“When I am finished up, my house will be called a house of prayer,” Christmas prophesied. “I am dealing with the arrogance.”

Christmas prophesied that it is the pride of those in the church that has gotten in the way of God using those currently in leadership.

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“You’ve only known Me as the God of mercy, but you will also know Me as the God of equity, justice and righteousness,” Christmas said. “I see the injustice that has been perpetrated in the house of the Lord and for what? Men have shown up in My name that has been for their own self-promotion. Know this: what they have sown, they shall reap sevenfold.”

Christmas says that the time of unholy, filthy language and actions are done, and now is the time that the Lord is going to raise up pure men and women of God who will spring forth living waters to make a difference in the world for the kingdom of God.

“Get ready, saith God, for vomit’s going to come out of heaven. Cause I’m going to vomit out of My mouth the lukewarm that has been in the house of the Lord,” Christmas said. “You have practiced sin without worry of retaliation…some will be friends…some will be those that have written books, pastor large churches but with one hand, saith God, I’m going to clean the table.”

Christmas warned that God will absolutely not use lukewarm believers for His plans and purposes in His next move of the Spirit.

“I don’t need the lukewarm to make My house victorious,” Christmas prophesied. “I’m going to go to the unsaved, and I’m going to say ‘Come,’ and they’ll say ‘yes…’ I’m going to fill the house up with babies that love the glory of God and out of the mouths of babes exactly, said the Lord, I am going to release My glory.”

Christmas says that the release of the glory that God is about to bring forth is one that has always been evident in Scripture, but that His people have been missing for such a long time. Now, God is not only going to shake things up, but He is going to make Himself known to the nations in the clearest way yet.

“I have always declared, says the Lord, that the glory of the latterhouse would be greater than the beginning,” Christmas said. “And yet, my people have always had to look backwards to get a glimpse of my glory. Not anymore.”

As we can expect a great end time move of the Lord, let us prepare our hearts and minds to be in connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. At the end of the day, no one wants to be part of those who are spit out from the Lord’s mouth. Instead, let us boldly and faithful stand up for Him and for His righteousness.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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