Tony Evans’ Son on Controversy: ‘We Already Have Victory’

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Abby Trivett

Tony Evans’ son, Jonathan Evans, took to the pulpit at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship for a special Father’s Day message where he expressed his feelings amid his father’s step away from ministry.

“People have been asking me all week, ‘How do you feel?’ Let me tell you, I feel like we’ve already won,” Evans says.

“I feel like we’re on offense, not defense. I feel like we already have victory. I feel like His Word is true. I feel like He’s going to finish the work that He started. I feel like if it’s not good yet, God’s not done yet,” he continues.

In this season of shock and turmoil where no one saw Tony Evans’ step away from ministry coming, Jonathan Evans is discussing the necessity of sticking as close to Christ as possible.

Evans further reminded the Oak Cliff congregants of all the times that his father has been there for them when each of them had gone through their own trials and tribulations.

My dad has been there for all of my challenges,” Evans says. “He’s been there for a lot of ya’lls challenges.”

Evans also made mention of his father returning to ministry someday.

“When my dad returns, when that time comes, we’re going to celebrate a victory we already knew beforehand that we had,” Evans says.

“While I have committed no crime, I did not use righteous judgment in my actions,” a statement from Evans read. “In light of this, I am stepping away from pastoral duties and am submitting to a healing and restoration process established by the elders. This will afford me a needed time of spiritual recovery and healing.”

As Evans and other megachurch pastors have been stepping down in recent days, take the time to pray for the body of Christ at large and for your own local spiritual family.  

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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