Prayer Request: At Least 60 Dead Following Stampede at Religious Event

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Abby Trivett

At least 60 people have died and many more were injured after a stampede at a religious event.

According to ABC News, over 150 people were taken to hospitals in Northern India after the catastrophe happened. Currently, CNN is reporting that local police have confirmed an additional 27 dead to this growing number.

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This stampede happened while the people were attempting to leave after the event ended. The event was held in a tent with Hindu leader, Bhole Baba. However, the tent collapsed.

The rush to pray to and hear from false gods has been an unfortunate cause of death for many people in this area of the world. Instead of being killed for seeking out a false god that can never fill them, we should be praying for the gospel to be preached and eyes to be opened to the truth of who Jesus is in places that have been steeped in the worship of idolatry.

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The Holy Spirit is already after the people of India. Right now, Cavalry Temple is the biggest church in the nation with over 300,000 members. Their goal is to build 40 more megachurches within the next decade. Remember to lift up in prayer Calvary Temple as they act as part of the hands and feet of Jesus to show Christ’s love to a nation so desperate to be filled by God.

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