Morning Rundown: Tucker Carlson: The Spiritual Realm Is Coming to Life in America Today

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Tucker Carlson: The Spiritual Realm Is Coming to Life in America Today

Tucker Carlson is taking note of the spiritual realm working in America today.

The media commentator and journalist has best been known for his unashamed conservative values. However, ever since leaving Fox News Carlson’s insight into the supernatural and faith has grown as he speaks out about it even more.

On a podcast with the Shawn Ryan Show, Carlson pointed out that the depth and amount of discussion about spiritual forces today is much more than it was just five years ago.

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Country Star Reveals Real-Life Miracle He Saw Amid Addiction: ‘I Asked God to Help Me’

Country star T. Graham Brown was always a “believer in Jesus,” but, over time, he sort of “drifted away” from the truth—that is, until a conversation with himself and God ushered in a real-life miracle.

Brown, 69, told Fox News he was baptized early in life and was “always … a believer in Jesus.” But, as time went on, he found himself on the wrong path, struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

“I was always taught about Jesus, and I don’t think even in my drunkest days, I don’t think I ever missed saying my prayers at night,” he once told Jesus Calling. “I don’t really remember ever not doing that: I’ve always said my prayers.”

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Ready for Chaos? Here’s How to Build Hope

If you understand God’s plan, there is no reason for fear. Way too often, when we talk about the end times we focus on all of the bad things that are going to happen. And without a doubt, the Bible describes events that are so cataclysmic many of us have difficulty imaging what they will be like. In the years ahead, we are going to witness death and destruction on a scale that is absolutely unprecedented in human history. In Matthew 24, Jesus specifically warns us that there has never been a time like it before and there will never be a time like it again. I do not have the words to fully convey to you how chaotic things will eventually become. There will be apocalyptic wars, horrific famines, terrifying pestilences and historic natural disasters.

But God didn’t tell us about all of these things in advance so we would be afraid.

In fact, He told us about all of these things in advance so we would not be afraid.

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