Morning Rundown: Former Leaders at IHOPKC to Begin New Church

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Former Leaders at IHOPKC to Begin New Church

Some of the former leaders of International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC), are looking to begin a new church called “Sanctuary Church.”

As The Roys Report noted, Isaac and Morgan Bennett and Matt Candler filed for the Incorporation of the Church on April 18. Isaac and Morgan Bennett were pastors of IHOPKC’s Forerunner Church and Candler was the president of IHOPKC’s university.

In the articles of incorporation, the assets are listed as being distributed between Hope City and Tikkun Ministries if the church was to dissolve. However, Tikkun Ministries does not know why or desire to be listed as a beneficiary.

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The Threat of Freemasonry Within the Church

Recently, Pastor Billy Crone joined Charisma Media to give a deep dive into the spiritual warfare that the church is engaged in today.

Far too many people are either ignorant or unwilling to discuss the forces of Satan targeting Christianity, Crone says, but these are topics that leadership must teach for members to be educated on what exactly they are facing. Because, as Crone explains, these occult groups are working to overthrow the biblical doctrine God established in His Word for occultic practices.

“A lot of people, even Christians, have heard of Freemasonry,” Crone explains, showcasing how expertly Freemasonry has hidden its true agenda within the church.

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New Report of Child Sexual Assault Coverup at Gateway Church

A new report has come to light about the coverup of a minor who was sexually abused back in 2018 from another church attendee at Gateway Church.

On April 18 of this year, Gateway settled on the case that was filed back in 2020 on behalf of the minor who attended Gateway Church and claimed to have been assaulted by another Gateway Church member around March 14, 2018.

In the lawsuit, posted by the Christian Post, five ordained pastors from Gateway are named as defendants who knew about the incident: Samantha Golden, Sion Alford, Kelly Jones, Rebecca Wilson and Mondoe Davis. Logan Edwards and Kathryn Edwards are also named as defendants.

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